Custom Pharmacy Shop Design & Medicine Display Stand with Unique Display Shelves

Medicine is always indispensable in our lives. And drugs will never be eliminated by the times. People always have bumps and bumps, minor illnesses and pains in life. At this time, most people will choose to go to the pharmacy to buy medicine. Compared with hospitals, pharmacies are more convenient to get medicines. This is why there are more and more pharmacies.

Why do pharmacies sell other products?

If pharmacies only sell regular prescription drugs and over-the-counter drugs, they will lose 60% of the market. Because it is not always time for people to get sick and need to buy medicine. By selling products that are closer to the needs of consumers' lives, such as family planning supplies, maternal and child supplies, Chinese medicines, health foods, household medical equipment, etc., it can even sell a small amount of cosmetics and daily necessities to drive the sales of other drugs.

Why do drugstore decoration prefer simple style?

If a pharmacy wants to leave a good professional impression on customers, the decoration of the pharmacy must be simple and bright. Therefore, looking inward from the door of the decorated pharmacy, the shelves of the pharmacy will be neatly arranged. The type of medicine is greatly marked by the billboard or gantry on the shelf of the pharmacy. The overall display is transparent and does not obstruct customers' sight. The decoration color uses "basic light color + corporate color", which is simple and bright, giving customers a good feeling of cleanliness in the store environment.

The Advantages of the Medicine Display Stands

In pharmacies, the drug display stand is indispensable. After all, whether your pharmacy sells traditional Chinese medicine or Western medicine, you need a display stand to display the medicine. The display stand can not only organize, place and show the shelves to customers, but also facilitate the management of medical supermarket stores. And what are the functions of the display stand in pharmacies? Glass display cabinets are usually used in many pharmacies. The appearance of the pharmaceutical display stand is exquisite, beautiful and generous. In large-scale medical supermarkets, display stands are display tools for placing medicines, health foods, retail medicines, etc. This kind of display stands can not only organize, place and display medicines for customers, but also facilitate the management of medical supermarket stores.

The Pharmacy Shop Medicine Display Cabinet

The main display material of the display cabinet of this pharmacy is plywood. The surface substrate is laminate. The size is generally 1.2x0.4x2m as an independent display stand. There are high cabinets and low cabinets in a pharmacy, but their colors are uniform. It can make the shop brighter and the customer experience will be better.


  • Material, plywood
  • Surface, laminate
  • Size: 1.2x0.4x2m
  • Color, wood color
  • Style , Modern design,
  • Hardware, stainless steel handle

There are some question customer concerns.

A:How much the delivery duration?

B:The design time will take 3-5working days, the production time 28-32 working days for the whole shop furniture. For the shipping time, may i know which port is near to you? The different port has different shipping time.

A:Which is the recommended payment mode ? and how about the payment term?

B:We support the western union or TT. Pay 50% deposit for production. After finish the kiosk, arrange the balance payment.

A:If i want to do the shop design, is it possible to mention in your quotation what is the scope?

B:The design include 3D design with different angles, revise designs, detailed construction drawings with specific color, size, material, circuit diagram.

A:will it come with fitting instructions?

B:Before loaded it, we will install it in our factory. During the time, i will take the video and photos for you. When you receive the shop furniture, you just connect the wire together and connect the pharmacy store power. Then it can work successfully.