If a newly opened jewelry store is a private label, then the positioning and source of the brand are very important. Because nowadays, people's consumption is not only the pursuit of material satisfaction but also the pursuit of spiritual satisfaction. Therefore, it is very important for consumers to have emotional resonance.

Some Factors to Open Jewelry Store 

  • If we want to open a jewelry store, we need to pay attention to the style of the store. We need to understand what the common preferences of this part of the group are. Then come to decide the design style.
  • When designing the store, we must pay attention to the consumer experience. If the customer feels uncomfortable and inappropriate when entering, then our store design will fail. Not to mention allowing customers to spend in the store, and you are making diamonds and gold.
  • If the storage space allows, it is recommended to separate the two areas, because gold and diamonds have different requirements for the color temperature of the light. This will give customers a much better impression.

store 3d design

Cosmetic Store Interior 3d Design

3D Design we need to pay more attention to many factors like the light, shop fixture, facade. The aim of the 3d design is to make a good impression on the customer and increase profit.

store ceilling


The most important thing about the ceiling is to design some shapes and some lighting designs.

  • There is a rectangular shape in the middle of the shop, and then there is an implicit light strip inside, which can illuminate and decorate the entire shop.
  • There are also some metal strips on the ceiling, which can be used to decorate the entire ceiling. You can see that some metal strips have spotlights on them, which will make the ceiling unique.

store facade


The facade is the customer's first impression of the store. Only a good appearance will make customers want to enter the store. We can see the color of the facade is wood grain color. The door head is also made of wood as the bottom plate, and then there is a golden stainless steel LOGO on it.

We can see corresponding spotlights on the doors and display windows. Can better display products. In order to make the whole facade less boring and monotonous, we added some black iron on the doors and display windows, and the surface was sprayed with powder. This combination makes the entire jewelry store more high-end.

jewelry store design


The layout of the jewelry store is very clear. Its three walls have corresponding back cabinets and lightboxes.

  • There is also a corresponding logo on the back wall, and customers can see the logo as soon as they enter the store.
  • There is also a corresponding showcase on the side close to the wall, the shape of which is L.
  • There is also a circle of counters in the middle of the shop, and the bottom of the counter has wooden boards for easy installation of sockets.
  • There is also a hollow-out display beside the counter. Not only has the role of shelter, but also the role of decorating the shop.

shop fixture

Shop Fixture

Wall Display Stand: The wall display stand has some cases to display. The left and right side have the 3 cases to display product, the middle of the display stand have two cases to display product. The bottom of the wall display stand has a cabinet to store the goods. And each case has a light strip to make the wall display stand more bright.

Glass Showcase: The glass showcase includes two parts. At the top of the glass showcase, we add the glass cover to the top. The glass cover has a led light strip to make the whole display stand more unique. The bottom of the display stand has a light strip to make the whole display stand more unique. The body of the showcase is a wooden cabinet. The Interior of the display stand is plywood and the surface we use the laminate.

Main Material

The main material of the shop fixture is plywood, and the surface we use the laminate. We use the 8mm tempered glass to do the glass cover. And there is some stainless steel bar to decorate the whole store.

How to Design a New Store?

  • Firstly, you can contact our salesman and tell them all of your requirements. Then we will get back your ideas to our designer.
  • Second, we have a professional design team, and a designer will display all of your needs on the 3d design. Then you will see the whole effect
  • Third,  Confirm all details and arrange the production deposit
  • Forth, produce shop fixture and testing
  • Final, Packing and shipping