As the level of market competition increases, pharmacies, which are pharmaceutical retail terminals, have gradually changed from traditional sales methods to a profit model that meets the needs of customers and obtains profits. Although pharmaceutical retail is a special industry, pharmacies are also operating around the core business service concepts of "customer satisfaction" and "shopping satisfaction"; from this point of view, as long as pharmacies meet the needs of customers, it is equivalent to Discover the basic value of each customer. It is a means to improve the core competitiveness of pharmacies to achieve the dual purpose of customer satisfaction and enterprise efficiency. Then the decoration and design of the shop play a very important role at this time.

There are many chain pharmacies of different brands all over the living area, and most pharmacies are decorated in the same way. If you want to make your pharmacy more prominent, decoration becomes especially important, so today I want to introduce how to decorate the store and get a perfect pharmacy store design.

The Skills of Decorating the Store


When decorating, the design of the facade should be eye-catching. The facade directly reflects the basic information of the pharmacy. The decoration of the new pharmacy is thoughtful in all aspects. Therefore, a striking sign should be made as to the door. If it is a pharmacy in a community, you can associate the name of the pharmacy with the name of the community to enhance the intimacy of integration.

Glass Window

Remember that glass windows should be simple and generous. Some pharmacies may have glass windows. The glass window will make the whole shop more transparent, and customers can see the inside of the shop from the outside. The glass window can perfectly display the atmosphere and promotion information of the store to people passing by, so it must be simple and generous. The color of the store should not be too bright. Pharmacies are different from convenience stores or supermarkets. Generally, white and light gray are suitable for the overall color selection. You can also use some fresher colors such as light green for decoration, but remember not to be too fancy, and do not choose red, which will affect the overall image positioning of the store.

Cash Reception Desk

Choose a combined pharmacy cash register in the cashier area during decoration. To meet our needs, the cashier area is a key area, so it cannot be too small. In addition, an advertising space should be reserved on the wall behind the cashier counter of the pharmacy for key layout, and a sign is hung in midair above the cashier counter to make full use of the effective area to display goods.

phamacy store design

Precautions for Pharmacy Decoration

  1. First of all. Regional planning should be reasonable. Small pharmacies are not large in scale. They generally only include prescription drug areas, as well as non-prescription drug areas, health care products areas, and cashier areas. These areas can meet some basic needs of customers. However, when planning the area, the correlation between the various areas, and the rationality of the regional layout cannot be ignored. For example, the non-prescription drug area should be set up in a spacious middle position, and the prescription drug area should be set up against the wall. If you set it arbitrarily, it will not only make the shop look chaotic, but will not gain the trust and favor of customers.
  2. Secondly, considering that the small cash register in the pharmacy is not too small, the first consideration when making a visual plan is that it cannot affect the entry and exit of customers. Then it is to strive to be clean and tidy, and equipped with the necessary anti-theft system. In addition to placing the silver connection, credit card machine, medicine packaging table, etc., which are convenient for the cashier's work, you can set up some activities in the closet to promote products.
  3. Thirdly: reasonable placement of drugstore shelves is the main tool for displaying goods. It is also best not to be ignored. Small pharmacies can choose a 5-story structure with a length of 0.9 meters and a shelf height of 1.6 meters. It should be placed reasonably according to the actual area of the pharmacy, and the distance between the shelves should be appropriate. In this way, customers do not need to turn sideways when choosing medicine, which is convenient for customers to choose from.

When the pharmacy is renovated, it must have a good environment, so that our customers will have a good user experience and ensure that our customers return with satisfaction.