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You can see that this kind of display stand is usually leaning against the wall. Because its size is much larger than that of an ordinary display stand. Leaning against the wall is the best choice. We use this display in pharmacies. But it is universal, and it can also be used in supermarkets, cosmetic stores, and so on. It can be applied as long as there is a place to be displayed.


This wall display shelve is built of 3 display shelves. The length of each display shelve is 1080mm. Three display shelves need to be almost 3 meters long. There is a light strip on the top of the stand, which can better display the products. There is an AA column beside the wall display shelves, which is convenient for you to adjust the shelf. The bottom of the display shelves is a hinged door, which can store items. The bottom is a stainless steel kick, and a light strip is added to the top of the kick to make the room brighter.


The basic material of the display shelves is plywood. The surface of the display shelves is a white fireproof board and a wood grain fireproof board. The display shelves also include stainless steel and light strips. These materials are very necessary for display shelves.



  • Size: 3240*400*2300mm
  • Material: plywood and laminate
  • Hardware: locks, sliding drawers
  • Other: stainless steel baseboard, light strip, and AA column.

Custom Display Shelves

Ant Display is a custom manufacturer and can customize the display shelves for you like the size, color, and layout. We can customize the display stand according to your requirements. If you have your own shop environment picture, we also can do it to combine your needs.

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Color white
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials Plywood
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