Cost control is critical In the design and production of store fixtures, besides the effect. Sometimes the same material can achieve the outcome in terms of cost is very different. To save the decoration cost-effectively in the store fixtures' production process, the best way to reduce the cost is to allocate resources reasonably, and to the maximum extent, to save the cost. The decoration style, the store fixtures raw materials, and the decoration concept to the decoration company choice are all related to the value of the shop decoration.

How to spend the least money and pretend to have the best effect? A shop is a place where employees work every day. You can choose the most expensive and cost-effective ones as the critical point. Today, the small edition will teach you how to reduce the cost as much as possible in decoration and not worry about quality problems.


Choose A Good Conpany Rather Than Cheap

Before choosing a decoration company, if you select an office decoration company with a low price as standard, the middle term decoration usually means that you will encounter various troubles and increase items with unclear value. After decoration, it is a lot of trouble and wastes money and money on unnecessary projects. Finally, you will lose it or yourself. When you get to the end, you will find yourself how to choose the decoration company with good decoration quality?

Before signing the decoration contract, go to the site to make a surprise investigation on the decoration company's construction site or check the decoration projects undertaken by the company before. The surprise inspection on the construction site often enables you to recognize the decoration company's correct strength correctly. Generally, the companies with basic decoration will not refuse it because they need your trust, and your faith is the most important to them. Good returns. A low budget can mislead your choice. They will advocate that you adopt the office decoration style, which is popular nowadays, and let you abandon your office design, specification, or plan. To reduce the cost during the construction, they can only reduce the requirements for the process and the store fixtures' materials.

Do not Change The Design After Decoration Starts

Please remember that after signing the decoration contract, many owners will suddenly wonder how to change this place during the construction process, leading to the construction period's extension and increasing the cost of what's worse, a waste of unnecessary human resources. If you can restrain yourself from changing the construction process in this respect, it is similar. The letter will save you a lot of money.

Common Materials For Invisible Area

If you want the office decoration company to reduce the project budget, you have to carefully think about it. Labor costs must be indispensable and guarantee the quality of the craft's prop, so to avoid worries after the worry, the best choice is to save on the production standards of the store fixtures and choose some cheaper ones. PVC, for example, is relatively inexpensive. It is thin and looks like wood, suitable for top office decoration or lining material for other furniture.

Rigorous structural design

Generally, we judge The advantages and disadvantages of the decoration interior design plan of display shelving by the criteria of "perfect function, outstanding image, and unique shape." However, the "smart structure design, repeated and updated use of display shelving space" is also an essential aspect of display shelving design. Imagine how much money a real estate company may take in the spring fair, Hong Kong Fair, autumn fair, residential fair, and four display shelvings every year. If you pay attention to it, how much money can it save!


Avoid Deviation in Construction

If there is no experience in the display shelving, it will likely be exhausted for small mistakes in the display shelving time and change the construction scheme for the big mistakes. Some exhibitors require additional projects during the display shelving, which will require overtime. The exhibitors may not care about the increased site rent and the overtime of workers. However, suppose the exhibitors communicate with the construction enterprises in advance in terms of design and construction. In that case, they can save resources and establish the image of "high quality and high efficiency" of exhibitors and construction enterprises.

Smrt Selection On Decoration Materials 

Unlike public decoration and family decoration, display shelving decoration requires durability and does not consider the construction quality problems caused by time and season changes. The goal of display shelving is to highlight the effect on the premise of ensuring safety. In critical parts, such as the flow passage, the contact position, and the high-rise display shelving stand, it is necessary to strengthen the material by adding thick materials. In the secondary part, joint venture and domestic materials are used, which can be said to be "qualified."

In the production of store fixtures, we can choose raw materials flexibly from three aspects: budget, comparison, and promotion to save cost.

  1. Budget: before purchasing raw materials, you can estimate the number of materials and their costs according to the market price.
  2. The goods ratio of three selected materials: because of the same material, different functions, there is a particular gap in price. Therefore, it is necessary to consider whether the display shelving factory has reliable cooperation with raw materials manufacturers for many years. Such as the advantages of the Ant Display store fixtures factory in raw materials, which significantly reduces the cost and improves the product quality.
  3. Skillfully use the promotion to save cash: make a plan of purchasing materials in advance, use holiday decoration materials to promote the purchase of materials, save money, and do not affect the quality, which is advisable. When choosing materials, we should select reliable materials and not be confused by-products with low prices and quality assurance.



Change the design concept of the display showcase can also save or lower the costs. in the shop decoration, the decoration style changes with the top products' change. Use the simple permanent raw materials to replace the high-grade luxury ones, Choose the store fixtures style that is cost-effective and straightforward, and do not blindly pursue luxury. In fact simple design can not only reduce costs but also help to ensure the safety of the indoor environment.