A protagonist in Sex and the City said that if she was asked to choose between a pair of shoes and a man, she would choose shoes without hesitation. For most women, the appeal of shoes is very big. If you want to see a woman's understanding of fashion, you can tell by looking at the shoes she wears. In any case, the importance of shoes is undeniable, a pair of comfortable and fashionable sports shoes can let you go where you want to go. A pair of elegant high heels can double your confidence!

So we need to catch the opportunity to open an attractive shoe shop. We need to take more time to make the shop decoration and design.

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Different Types of Shoe Stores

Different types of shoe stores have different store designs. We can carry out the decoration design according to the theme of the store.

  1. Brand shoe store decoration design

Most brand shoe stores are not based on the gender and age of consumers. Common sports and leisure brand shoe stores, in terms of design and decoration style, in order to fit brand characteristics and product styles, they mainly create a casual and natural consumption environment. For example, a uniform and random design of shelves on the whole wall is placed, with a tube light that illuminates the goods.

  1. Children's shoe store decoration design

Children's hearts are naive and curious. Their cognition and acceptance of the world begin with visual contact. Therefore, in the decoration style fan of the children's shoe store, you can choose some bright and bright patterns and patterns, such as common and funny cartoon images. You can also make more fuss on the shelf shape, design some unconventional shelves full of game fun. If necessary, the mesh and hanging-pull installation is adopted to satisfy the child's lively and curiosity.

  1. Men's shoe store decoration design

The decoration style of the men's shoe store should match the masculinity of men. In color matching, the complexity should be simplified, avoid using too many and complex color combinations, and can use gray, brown, and brown. The walls and floors are mainly covered with matt-colored bricks, and shelves with retro and low-toned colors can show a solemn, rigorous, or upright and rough texture.

  1. Women's shoe store decoration selection design

Love of beauty and pursuit of trends are the psychological characteristics of female consumers. The decoration style of women's shoe stores must reflect fashion and beauty as much as possible, and create soft and romantic femininity. For example, the harmonious combination of colors can choose white, light blue, and purple, as well as flowers, carpets, and other emotional decorations.

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How to Design?

The design of the shoe store is very important, so we must give the store a reasonable layout. The layout of the store will attract the attention of customers so that customers can more

  1. Store signs.

The name of the store will directly reflect the image of the store, and at the same time, it will also serve as the "face" of a store, which can highlight the cultural characteristics of the store. The color of the sign should be harmonious, usually darker fonts are more eye-catching.

  1. The placement of shoes

We can follow a principle that shoes of similar styles or similar prices can be placed together so that consumers can feel at a glance when buying. In addition, we can also adopt some special positioning methods. If the side of the shoe looks good, put it on the wrong side. For those with delicate heels, you might as well put the heels facing the customer, and for those with sturdy bottoms, you can put the face down, etc. All these methods are to show the characteristics of shoes.

  1. Lights and mirrors.

Mirrors are an indispensable item in a shoe store. We might as well put a few more mirrors in the store when we decorate it so that customers can appreciate the shoes. In addition, for the lighting, we can aim the spotlight at the shoes with diamonds and trendy shoes, so that customers can see them at a glance and attract customers' attention.

  1. Space layout of the shoe store.

Regardless of the number of shoes in your shop, we should pay attention to the distance between them when placing the display racks. Don't be too narrow, and leave room for us to walk. If possible, it is best to be divided into the main channel and subchannel. The width of the main channel shall not be less than 120 cm, and the width of the secondary channel shall not be less than 80 cm.