Mobile phone stores are the most common storefront in our lives. We often see mobile phone shops in large shopping malls or on the street. So opening a mobile phone store is a very wise choice. At the same time, we need to pay attention to the design of the mobile phone shop.

What should we pay attention to when designing a mobile phone store?

  • First, the wall design of the mobile phone shop. In the decoration of the mobile phone shop, it is necessary to clearly understand the style and color of the shop theme. The wall is an important part of the three-dimensional space display of the mobile phone shop. The wall is a good platform for flat display in the store, and we need to make good use of this.
  • Second, lighting. In the design of mobile phone shops, attention should be paid to the design of decoration lighting. Because the lighting in the shop directly affects the atmosphere of the shop. Therefore, the lighting design should make consumers feel relaxed and happy. First of all, the light does not need to be too bright, let alone too dim. We need proper lighting in the store, which can not only render the atmosphere of the store but also highlight the products. The main purpose of lighting is to enhance the display effect so that customers have a good impression of our shop.
  • Third, Shop Fixture. For a mobile phone shop. A good display cabinet can attract more customers, and only a good display can make the entire store more attractive. And in the mobile phone shop, different styles will have different effects. You can choose according to your own needs.

3d Store design

Phone Store for 3D Design


  • The light of the store has 3 functions. One is to decorate the whole store to make the phone store more attractive. The second is to play the role of lighting. The final step is to display the phone and the phone accessories.
  • You can see the ceiling has 2 types of lights. One is square shape lighting, and the other type is spotlights.
  • For the whole display fixture, there has a light strip and will make the whole display standard more bright. The unique display stands will display the products at good effect.

Display Fixture

The display fixture includes the Display Case, Wall Display Stand, and the Display Table

Wall Display Case,

  • The display case we installed on the wall, and each case will have a light strip. The case can put some product that has heavier and so on.

Wall Display Stand, The Wall display stand includes 2 types. One is the Slatwall display rack and the wall display counter. The 2 styles will have a different effect on the store.

  • For the slat wall, the top of the display rack has a lightbox that you can add your poster to advertise. The middle of the display rack is an aluminum groove plate and some hooks. If you want to add the glass door, we also can add it. Each Slatwall display rack has a light strip to decorate the whole display stand.
  • Another one is wall display shelving. Same structure as the Slatwall display stand. But it is different from the 

Display table

The top of the display table has a glass cover with a led strip. Next part you can see there is a blue groove to decorate the display stand. The bottom of the display stand has a blue light strip. If you want to add other colors for the display counter, we also can customize it for you.

shop store interior design

Reception Desk

We put the reception desk on the back wall because the place will not influence the vision of the customer. When customers have bought all the things that they need, they will pay the bill on the cashier's desk. So we need to put the cashier desk in a place that is not influenced by many people. The back wall will be a good place for the shop.

Back Wall

The back wall has some lightboxes to advertise the brand. You can put the poster that you have and can advertise our brand clearly. For the type of the lightbox, we suggest that we can do the soft film lightbox. Because it is very convenient to change the poster by yourself. You can see that it has display shelves to display all of your products. The display stand has light strips. For the top of the display shelves, it the TV advertisement. You can play videos to show your brand.

Can I Get the New Phone Store Design?

Yes, Ant Display is a custom manufacturer and can customize the phone store with all of your needs. If you want to open a new store, you need to make the floor plan firstly. Then we will have the 3d unique store design with all of your needs like the size, color, and so on. You will see the whole effect and you will know how it will look like.

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