When it comes to mobile phones, everyone is no stranger to it. A good mobile phone store will give people the urge to place an order. So how can we have a good mobile phone store? A good mobile phone shop needs a good decoration, and a good decoration requires a good design. So we need good design to decorate the shop and build display cabinets. The design of the store needs to reflect the meaning of its own brand. Only in this way can customers understand our brand. In this era when electronic products are becoming more and more popular, the competition in the industry of electronic products is also increasing.

The advantages of selling Phone

With the continuous development of wireless communication technology. Electronic products are becoming more and more popular in this society. Especially in recent years, the emergence of communication technology has made mobile phones more powerful. You can use your mobile phone to take pictures, play games, watch videos, watch the news, and even do homework, office work and other things.

A better mobile phone needs to be experienced by yourself, so many people will buy it in physical stores. You can try whether this phone is suitable for you. A mobile phone shop can not only sell mobile phones, but also computers, mobile phone accessories, and mobile phone repairs. So when opening a mobile phone store, you need to consider the layout of the store and what kind of products you plan to sell.

How to decorate the phone shop?

First, the wall design

In the decoration of the mobile phone shop, it is necessary to grasp the style and color of the theme. The wall is a mobile phone shop decoration can use modern multimedia technology, changing color wall screen, electronic dynamic back panel, LCD screen and other equipment. Shop decoration can use modern multimedia technology, such as changing color wall screens, electronic dynamic back panels, LCD screens and other equipment to increase the three-dimensional and multi-dimensional sense of the shop.

Second, light decoration.

If it is too bright and it feels dazzling, customers will not stay in the store for too long; if it is too dark, it will make people feel depressed and low, and customers will not like it; store interior lighting directly affects the atmosphere in the store, and the lighting design should make Consumers feel relaxed and happy; therefore, the lighting effects of the shop should neither be too bright nor too dark. Proper lighting in the mobile phone store can not only render the atmosphere of the store, highlight the display of goods, enhance the display effect, but also make employees happy and improve their work efficiency.

Third, display cabinet.

The mobile phone showcase is very important for a shop. The design of the mobile phone cabinet needs to be based on the space of the store and the main style of the store. The design of the mobile phone showcase should highlight the key points. The placement of mobile phone cabinets is also very important. We need to place high cabinets around the store, not in the middle of the shop. Putting a tall cabinet in the middle will block the sight of customers, so we'd better put a display table and other relatively shorter display cabinets in the middle. A good showcase can attract customers' attention. We can highlight the key points of the display cabinet by means of location, layout and lighting.

phone display stand

Phone Accessories Display Counter 

The phone store include the phone display stands, service counter, wall showcases, the display shelves. The whole color of the shop we have use white, and wood color. It will make the whole shop more elegant and attractive. The middle of the shop, we put the service counter and the phone display stand. The side of the shop we put the wall display showcase, and the phone display table. All of the phone displays will be made based on requirements from the customer.

phone store display stand

Process of Odering the Phone Stands

  • First, if you need to open new shop or, you can tell me what size of the shop . And it will be better if you have the shop floor plan.
  • Second, then we will discuss what kind of the phone display showcase do you want? And what style of the phone shop do you want? We will recommend the relevant design to you.
  • Third, Start to do the design based on your needs.
  • Fourth, after you satisfy the design, then we will start to produce it.
  • Finally, Packed and Shipping.

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