Mobile phones and computers are essential in our lives. We use mobile phones, we can grasp news and information in time to expand our knowledge. The communication function of the mobile phone can communicate with teachers, classmates, or other friends on time. The office performance of the computer is very powerful, as long as you have a computer, you can work anytime, anywhere. Their video function is very powerful, even if we are in a different place, we can work smoothly. This can help us solve a certain time to a certain extent.

With the popularity of mobile phones and mobile phones as an important communication tool in our daily lives. Cell phones and cell phone accessories are essential. Therefore, there are more and more mobile phone shops, so how to decorate more attractive mobile phone shops?

Mobile Phone Shop Decoration Plan

Highlight the Sense of Innovation

As a high-tech smart product, we must highlight the sense of science and technology and the sense of innovation in the process of decorating the mobile phone shop. We know that technology is the primary productive force of innovation, and mobile phones are the fruits of technology. Good technology will attract more customers; because many mobile phone stores nowadays are the same and have no new ideas, breakthroughs and innovations will allow us to stay in the forefront of our peers.

Display Showcase

We need to display products and segmentation of functional areas. The display of the product is the key to arousing customers to want to know more about the phone. Only when we can attract the attention of customers can we explain and promote the product. We need to pay attention to the height of the showcase and the interior lighting design. The style of the showcase is also very important. For the display of a mobile phone shop, we have wall display cabinets, glass display showcases, display tables. Different displays have different styles.

Decoration of Experience Area and Leisure Area

For mobile phones, due to the difference in system versions and functions, customers can only find their uniqueness after getting up and experiencing it. This is the reason why many mobile phone stores now have special experience areas. The leisure area can provide a place for customers to learn about the products and rest. Therefore, we need to have a larger size in the leisure area, and we also need a coffee table next to it to facilitate customers to put the tea table.

Reasonable Color Matching

Color is an element that enters the human eye. Reasonable color matching can make people have the desire to enter the store. The decoration of mobile phone stores is a major consumer group with young people, where colors need to be bright and bold to attract customers.

Facade decoration

The door decoration design is the image of a mobile phone store. The location and size of the store name need to be properly grasped. A good facade is also an element that attracts customers. When designing and decorating, the shop must have personality and characteristics that belong only to this mobile phone store. Through the combination of color and store name, customers have an initial impression of the mobile phone store, thereby increasing the recognition of the store.

Custom Phone Display Stand

The color of the whole shop is mainly white and then mixed with a little wood grain color. It will make the whole shop clean and attractive. In the middle of the shop, we placed an iPad display table, which is very convenient for us to choose from. For both sides of the shop, you can sell computers while selling mobile phones. The wall can display mobile phone accessories. The entire store will integrate the needs of customers so that customers can find it more at ease.

There are Some Things Need to Mention

Firstly, you need to tell us what kind of phone displays do you want. If you want to update the store, you contact us to update your shop.

Second, you can tell us your requirements for the shop, we can do a dew design about your phone shop. The design will show all of your requirements. Then you will know is it whether you want. If you want to modify the design, we will modify it according to your requirements.

After you satisfy the design, then we will produce the phone display stands according to the design

Before produce, you need to arrange a 50% deposit. After finish, please arrange the balance payment.

During the production time, we will make more videos and production pictures in time for you.