pharmacy store furniture

People go to the pharmacy store when they feel not uncomfortable. Medicines against viruses and keep us healthy. Nearly every family prepares first aid and conventional medicine at home. Many doctors start their business by opening a pharmacy store. This is a win-win project because the owner can make money, and the customer can see a doctor and buy medicines.

Pharmacy store decoration reflects the shop theme and company culture. For a new business plan, we recommend paying more attention to the pharmacy shop design. Besides, we can make a layout plan then fill in the detailed furniture. Here is a wonderful pharmacy shop sharing with you.

Blue Color pharmacy store layout

This pharmacy store includes 3 rooms in total. When entering the store, we can see it has many medicine shelves and display counters in the showroom. There is a small curved room with locked doors for consultants. Inside room mainly used for work and store items. The main colors of the furniture are blue and white, which makes the patient feel relaxed.

pharmacy shop layout

Pharmacy Store Furniture Introduction

Main showroom

We should focus more on this area. Because people purchase goods here and see this decoration before entering the pharmacy store. We put a medicine display showcase here to make the shop look better and good to sell products.

Medicine display wall shelf

There are two different kinds of wall shelves here. We can see the medicine stands are in curved shape against the wall. Which makes the shop vivid and can place more products. What difference is the left side is open shelves, and the right wall shelf covers with glass door. Next to it is tower shape display stand with bottom lock cabinets.

pharmacy store funiture

Double side center counter

There are two double-side display stands near the entrance door. This pharmacy display stand has curved edges for protection. It has double side display layers and a slat wall plate with hooks in the middle. Which increases the display showcase area.

Entrance small counter

We can see there is two small display counter in front of a glass window. Products place on the counter table, clients can see directly even from outside. Behind it has lock cabinets to increase storage.

Cashier counter

The cashier counter is set at the backside, mainly used to check out and reception people. On the front side has a luminous logo and a display stand closed to it. People can easily take away with pay cash. It is a customized size fit for the shop.


The consultant room is very important for a pharmacy store. Because the doctor can do the treatment first and prescribe the right medicine. This consultant room includes an L-shaped working table and two chairs for the accompanying person. Brand logo wall reminds people of the pharmacy shop and good for them to remember us better.

We can also make the cylindrical sofa surround the column, which can increase the seating area. People can sit here and wait for consultation and protect the privacy of patients.

pharmacy store design

Inside room

Inside the room, many have pharmacy display cabinets and a display counter. This room mainly uses as the operating room that forbids other people to come in. There are white and black color display shelves with a working counter. The medical staff dispenses medicines for the guests here. We can see there is a water sink on the counter for wash hands and disinfect. While another wall has white display stands with a glass plate for reagents and experimental samples.

There is a medicine display counter in the center. We can put medical equipment here, under counter are multiple layers of display shelves to place necessary items.

Material information


MDF mainly use to build the medicine display table. It can make unique shapes and has smooth touch. It is easy to process into interesting shapes, and you can use puzzles to cut curves and polish them easily. MDF panel is very stable, fire-proof, moisture-proof, and not easily deformed.

Baking paint

Baking paint makes the pharmacy store furniture looks better and has the same effect as the design shows. We use piano lacquer to make it, it looks very high-end. It is fully compliant with export standards. Also widely accepted by the United States, Canada, Australia, and European countries.


The display cabinet has a light lamp on each layer and at the top of the pharmacy shop. They can showcase the products better and bright the shop.

Stainless steel

304 Stainless steel mainly use to protecting the kicking. It also makes the water sink or uses as a decoration line.

Tempered glass

8mm tempered glass door with lock, prevents the medicines from stolen and doesn’t affect showcase.

Acrylic logo

This pharmacy store includes the hollow acrylic luminous logo and 3D acrylic logo. Other logo materials include stainless steel, wood, and Neon logo, etc.