Bubble tea shop design

To open a bubble tea shop, advertising is needed, but the store is clean or not, milk tea is good to drink or not, the clerk is friendly or not, this is a milk tea shop can live on the real reason. From the point of view of consumers, everyone likes to decorate a better store, or decorate a more personalized, can arouse people's curiosity. As a bubble tea shop owner, when others do not know the taste of their bubble tea, with what to compete with the next shop? It also relies on good decoration style. There are many styles of the bubble tea shops, such as recreational style, fashion style and The humanities style.

The bubble tea shop design

From this view, a bubble tea shop is in the street. The color is white. There are two doors and big glass windows on two sides, it is convenient for customers to come in from these two sides. Two brand logo signs are luminous on the top of two sides too. Customers can know it is a bubble tea shop when they see the logo when they pass by. According to the place, the bubble tea shop is a little special, in the front side, there is one big window to put the green plants. The lights is warm and gold when looking at it from outside, so at the outside view, the whole bubble tea shop looks very high-end with literature flavor at the street corner.

When coming into the bubble tea shop, the first view is on the bar counter. It is main part of the shop. The inside part design material is solid wood, it looks very durable and retro. The front side of the bar counter is for customers to sit there and enjoy their bubble tea and some snack foods because the stools are beside the counter. One short corner counter is to put the condiments to customers when they have the food and want to add the condiments. The counter also can be the cash register for the staff to serve the customers directly. Customers can order and take the food directly too.

At the back counter, there are many machines and equipment on it, such as the bubble tea machine, oven. The counter also design with the sinks, which is convenient for working. There are the refrigerators in the counter for the bubble tea or some frozen food. At the back wall, there are three shelves to display some the cups, dishes and some small cute decorations with led light stripes. One kitchen ventilator is installed in the middle of the back wall. At the top, it is a wood frame with the led light to shine the counter, which make it much attractive and bright. At the right side of the counter, there is one wood display stand with shelves and led lights to shine the decoration, which looks very nice.

At the end of the bubble shop, there are the small tables and chairs for customers too. The pillar is the wood. Two air conditions are designed on the top. The window is also decorated with the wood, and it is big for customers can see the scenery . There are so much space at the bottom, so customers can also sit there for a rest. The spotlights are at the top of the window to offer the lights atmosphere to the bubble tea shop.

The bubble tea shop is small, but the interior design is simple, nice and muti-function.

3 Design Details

How to get the interior design of one bubble tea shop is very easy and simple.

First, please contact us about your business and the shop size you have and send us your floor plan of the shop to have a look at the shape.

Second, please tell us your favorite style and layouts of the shop, and some special requirements.

Third, the design fee is about $500-$800, which depend on the size of the shop. When you arrange the design fee, our designer will start to make a design for you.

Forth, the design can allow to make some changes when you have the needs.

The 3D design includes the design effect pictures, floor plan and technology drawing, then you can know all details. All your needs will be showed on the design then you can see the effects directly well.

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