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A good store design can directly affect our business. Most owners will try to make their store more attractive. At this time, we need to contact a 3D design company to carry out the design work. The 3D design is built on the basis of the plane and two-dimensional design to make the design goal more three-dimensional and play a kind of simulation effect. We can see the location, style, color, decoration, and effect of the entire store from all angles. We can judge whether this is the effect we want through the design drawing. The design needs to be in line with our aesthetics and to arrange every kind of furniture reasonably and make good use of every space.


The location of the store is very important to our business. If you want to make an increased turnover, we need to out the store in a lively place. Such as commercial streets or shopping centers. Only with exposure, our sales can go up. In places with a lot of traffic, people see our shop every day. Over time, they will also leave an impression on us. When they need it, there is a high probability that they will choose us.

Store Style

For many large stores, such as jewelry stores, clothing stores, or some cellphone stores. We can see their front wall and door is glass. So when people pass by our store, they can see what’s inside and know what we sell. The glass wall feels very stylish and beautiful. We can do many window displays. If our shop is in a lively street, we recommend making glass walls.

cellphone stand


The color of the shop is mainly the color of furniture and walls. For optical shops, it is generally a combination of white and one other color. The colors of this store are white and blue. It looks very dazzling and beautiful.

Different colors present different feelings to customers. Light blue is a popular color, it will give people a fresh and friendly feeling.

Wall Decoration

The only wall decoration in this store is the image wall behind the reception desk. The other walls are high cabinets against the wall. The image wall is used in many stores. It is mainly a wooden board with a logo and some decoration. The color of the wood board needs to match the color in the store. We can see from the design drawings that there is a luminous logo in the middle of the image in-wall, and there is a large lightbox on the left. The contents of the lightbox are photos of our products. Others are some white acrylic lighting decoration strips. Its overall effect is very good.

 glasses shop design

Display Furniture

These pieces of furniture are very simple, and the things on display are clear at a glance. It has several different types of furniture in total. The wall display cabinets on the left and right sides, the shelf display of the door window, the front desk, the reception desk, and the glass stand.  

Window display shelves

The window display cabinet is placed on the front glass wall of the store. This location is very important. Customers can view our productions from the window, and if our products are attractive enough for them, they will come in and visit. The display cabinet in this store is a shelf display, with posters on the shelf. Posters can be used as cabinet decorations and can also promote our products.

Reception desk

The reception desk is placed at the entrance. We all know that in addition to buying glasses, optical shops can also sell sunglasses, contact lenses, and other related products. Some optical shops also have services to test eyesight for customers. When we go to buy glasses, the first thing is definitely to test our eyesight, and then listen to the opinions of professionals to buy suitable glasses. The reception desk is to receive customers and solve some of their problems.

Wall display cabinet

The number and types of wall display cabinets are relatively large, Their size and shape are the same, but they are displayed differently. Different display methods can also enrich our shop. Its display methods include glass layer display, spectacle frame display, and lattice display. Their capacity is very large, we can decide how many glasses to put in according to our own ideas. The height of the wall display cabinet is generally 2-2.4m. They can cover the wall, so no other decoration is needed on the wall.

Glass Stand

The glass stand is placed in the middle of the store. Its size is relatively small, it is mainly displayed through a glass box. The top of the glass box is equipped with a light strip, and the customer can see the glasses inside very clearly. Under the shinning of glass and lights, the glass will look more beautiful.

The rest of the furniture is for the reception desk, which everyone is familiar with, and it is also an essential part. Just match the color and style with the shop.

glass stand


When we design a store, in addition to the furniture design, don’t forget to install the logo on the entrance of the store. When we were shopping, we could see the logo installed on the top of the door of each store. They look very professional and beautiful. If you don’t have a logo, we can also install a slogan or product name.