Makeup is a very common thing for us. We also need makeup at work, which will give customers and colleagues a more capable feeling. When you are in a bad mood, good-looking makeup will also help you gain pleasure. When you see a good-looking makeup, it allows you to always maintain a positive and optimistic state in the face of the difficulties of life. Make-up is a woman’s sense of ritual, and a good-looking makeup will make your life happy all day. The cosmetics business is relatively profitable. So when you are preparing to open a cosmetics store, you need to pay attention to many factors.

Skin Care Store Decoration Design Skills

When designing a skincare store, we have to beautify its space. In terms of marketing, its address and store name are very important. To open skin care products, the reasonable planning of the space arrangement plays a key role; thus, the planning of the storefront and interior parts of the skin care product store is more critical. When we design the storefront, we should consider the following aspects:

Reasonable use of space

The design of a skin care product store cannot be separated from the modern mood. But we can also set up a tall and comfortable environment. We can't renovate the skincare store every month, so we should work hard on the space.

(1) An exquisite decorative table is designed in front of the mirror. The furnishings can be changed at any time to add luster to the small embellishments. But don't decorate the mirrors of the skincare store in the same way as the hairdresser. The mirror in the hair salon is a tool for hairdressers to work, as well as a tool for customers to appreciate themselves. Without it, both hairdressers and customers will feel inconvenient. But in a skin care store, don’t install too many mirrors, as they will appear clumsy and rustic.

(2) Design some light boxes on the ceiling and walls to promote beauty knowledge. This will make it easier for customers to understand our brand.

(3) Design movable decorative picture frames between the screens and partitions of the skin care products store, and by changing the pictures, give the skin care products store customers a sense of novelty. The design of screens and partitions should consider mobility. You can add lights to the screen and embellish it with personalized skin care products. Let the whole store have a modern feel so that it is convenient for customers to choose products.

Color correction, theme style

Green in spring can express the fullness of spring, red in winter can accentuate warmth, and blue in summer can express coolness. Designers can highlight themes according to the season.

Generally speaking, the walls of skincare stores should be mainly white, because white has a wide range of colors and can be matched with many colors. But if your skin care store is compared with other stores, it has no unique charm. In addition to white, we can also match some other colors to make the whole shop look less monotonous. And many people like simple and individual shops. Therefore, we also need to pay attention to the color matching in the decoration of the shop.

We also need to decorate according to the theme of the entire store. In this way, you can express the theme of your shop more clearly.

skin care store design

Custom Display Stand in Retail Store

the shop we use the MDF as a main material, and the surface we use the baking paint. The whole style is white and golden. The color is really attractive. There are some display stand in the makeup shop. For the middle of the shop, we put the circle glass display, it will be more clear for customer to choose the cosmetic product. For wall of the shop, you can see there are many wall display stands to display. The wall display will help you save more space and make your shop more bright.

The Price:

For the Circle display showcase, it will based on what size you want. And what material you want. In general, 3x3m will cost about 7400USD for this type. Different style the price is also different.

For the wall cabinet display, 1000x350x200mm will cost about 520USD, it is for ordinary style.

The whole price based on the display style and the material, and size.

For the Package:

We will pack it foam for inside, pack the wood box for outside. There are very strong and can prevent from the damage.

If you decide to open the cosmetic display showcase, i suggest that we can do a design firstly. the design will show all of your requirements about the shop. Then you will know it is whether you want. After you satisfy the design, then we can start to produce.

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