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4 Seats Curved Design Round Station Teeth Whitening Kiosk In Mall For Sale

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Teeth whitening display kiosk | dental care booth in the mall

USA Teeth Whitening Kiosk Shopping Mall Service Booth For Sale

Formica laminate teeth whitening kiosk
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The importance of beautiful teeth. Whitening clean teeth can make people smile more influential so that people get better popularity. According to the survey, people pay more attention to each other's teeth than their eyes. Everyone's teeth are spotless in the beginning, because of the long-term diet, some colored substances including tea, coffee, soy sauce and so on. The surface of the teeth began to yellow, or even black.Someone said, "beauty teeth first, teeth white seven points qiao. "Angelina jolie has earned the title of "the biggest smile" because her beautiful teeth make her more feminine. From this can see, not only luxuriant beautiful dress and expensive gem are a woman's must kill skill, a beautiful tooth is indispensable more.


Detailed Information of the USA Teeth Whitening Kiosk Shopping Mall Service Booth For Sale:

Product name: USA Teeth Whitening Kiosk Shopping Mall Service Booth For Sale.

Size: 10x10ft.

Basic material: plywood.

Surface finishing: white color laminate, formica blue color laminate.

Glass: 8mm frosted glass.

Logo: Acrylic hollow out lighted logo.

Other we include the lighted box, 32 inches advertising TV, same lock with key, stainless steel toe tick, white Led strip lights, US sockets and all the wires.


Some information you may want to know:

Shipping: we can arrange the shipping for you. The kiosk can be shipped by sea or by air. The shipping time depend on your nearest destination port.

Payment term: 50% deposit before production and 50% balance before shipping.

Design fee: 300$ for the design deposit, but it will reduce from the total cost. So actually it is for free.

Our design team can customize a new teeth whitening kiosk with your location size and logo. Or if you have other requirements we also can meet.


Thanks for your reading. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us, thank you!


More Information
Color blue
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials Plywood & Formica laminate
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