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Cute Design Small Jewelry Kiosk Shop In Mall Island Counter With Glass Showcase

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Custom Jewelry Kiosk Design In mall | Glass Showcase with LED light Jewelry Shop Counter

Hybird Jewelry Kiosk Design Concept for Shopping Mall & Retail Stands

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On most occasions when you saw a jewelry kiosk, it must be a circled island stands with around display showcases and middle empty for staff to work inside. This unique style is quite different jewelry kiosk because workers are selling from outside the same side with the customers. The main reason to design such a kiosk is that the landlord only has such smaller lease. If need worker standing inside it will be too narrow to put double side jewelry showcases.

Custom Jewelry kiosk design for the mall

This jewelry kiosk design can also adapt to many other retail shops. Because this open side kiosk has a very important issue is security. As the sales are standing the same side as the clients, so, it has to open and close the drawer on the same side, Then it will be not so safe for high-value products. But for cell phones, sunglasses, perfume or small gift products, this kiosk design is just perfect to display.

 The cashier register counter is installed to the end of the kiosk where a sale can take the customer easily tour around the kiosk shop. and for clients, they will the most visible vision form all sides of the kiosk. 

  • The dimension of the kiosk 2*4 meters
  • materials to build the kiosk are MDF and plywood in wooden lamination finish.
  • delivery date:18 days.
More Information
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Dimension 10*12ft
Materials mdf,PLYWOOD, Lamination
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