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When you starting a jewelry retail business, whether you are opening a jewelry kiosk in the mall or start a jewelry shop on the business street or plaza. you always need to acknowledge enough experience. The jewelry shop business I m going to show in this article is a colored gem jewelry store (mainly engaged in customized color gemstone jewelry), not selling gold and diamond jewelry in stock, nor jade ware shop.

First of all, why do you make colored gemstones? First of all, the price of color gemstone jewelry is not transparent, the gross profit is high, and it is very difficult to enter the industry. Many young people who are tired of diamonds and jadeite are turning their attention to various kinds of colored gemstones. Therefore, color gemstone jewelry is the future development trend of the jewelry industry. It is an industry that can be done for a long time. The more experienced, the more valuable, And it's hard for this industry to be subverted by time.

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What You Should Learn Before You Enter The Industry

First, Get the knowledge of gemstone quality.

If you majored in jewelry in University, congratulations. This difficult link is omitted. Otherwise, you can only buy a few books first, and then often go to the jewelry store to chat with the boss and touch the gems. If it is more time-consuming, it is recommended to attend the jewelry appraisal training course of GIC / NGTC / GTC of Guangdong Provincial Inspection Institute, Take part in the gem study group organized by them in Thailand or Sri Lanka, and learn the knowledge of the international circulation of gems, and add the background of gem industry to yourself

Second, where to buy gemstones and where to buy them?

If you find a good purchasing channel, then you will be half successful in opening a jewelry store. Because besides gold and diamonds, many gemstones, semi-precious stones, and Pearl amber are not standard products, so finding a suitable channel can bring great cost advantages

In China, the distribution centers of gems are Guangzhou and Shenzhen. Liwan square in Guangzhou, language International Jewelry City, Daluo Pearl City in Panyu and the Shuibei market in Shenzhen are the main wholesale markets of semi-precious stones and precious stones in China. There are ruby, sapphire, emerald, tourmaline, garnet, crystal, and pearl, etc., from facets, pendants to beads and strings The style is very rich and the price is very good

In particular, Panyu, Guangzhou, is a world-class jewelry inlay center. There are a large number of gem suppliers around the jewelry factory, providing all kinds of gems: tourmaline / Aquamarine / Morgan stone / Aquamarine / Sapphire / Emerald / RUBY/safranine, Amethyst / Topaz / powdery crystal (Furong stone) to imported sea pearls (Akoya, tian zhu, Japan), I suggest that if you want to open a jewelry store, you can come to Panyu, Guangzhou to see the goods, and the price is very favorable

Thailand is the world's largest trading center for colored gemstones and the largest cutting and grinding center for rubies. Beruwala, Ratnapura, Kandy: sapphire cutting processing center and distribution center in Sri Lanka. Jaipur, India: a distribution center for low-end gemstones, with low price

There are many international jewelry exhibitions in Beijing / Shanghai / Shenzhen / Hong Kong every year. These are good opportunities for learning and expanding the jewelry circle.

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Third, how to attract customers?

You can open a shop in a commercial center or a high-end community, or you can open a customized studio in an office building. It depends on the individual's positioning. At present, the majority of color gemstone jewelry consumers in China are young people under 40 years old. The business orientation of individual jewelry stores should be staggered with that of big brand jewelry stores. Big brand jewelry stores do not sell naked stones, Then we can sell naked stones to customers. Big brand jewelry stores can't help customers customize jewelry. In addition, they can supply jewelry to various high-end clubs. This requires a strong network of contacts. Many rich people or stars buy or customize Jewelry through clubs

As for the design of customized styles, you only need to find the pictures on the official websites of major jewelry brands or look for styles on popular drying platforms such as Redbook, and then place an order with the jewelry factories in Guangzhou / Shenzhen, and copy them according to the pictures. This is the popular business model of jewelry customization studios now, and the so-called original design rarely exists

Fourth, Keep The Lowest Inventory 

we all know that jewelry is expensive, especially for diamonds of the gemstone. If you own a large inventory that will cost you too much cash flow and give too much pressure and risk on business management. Therefore, keep the lowest inventory is the best strategy. Keep Less on your Display Racks.

  1. Make more customized jewelry, sell less stock, and reduce SKU. When you buy bare stone, don't buy inlaid finished products
  2. Only select a small number of high-quality gemstones when purchasing, although the price is relatively high. Do not buy large quantities of cheap ordinary quality gemstones. For capital turnover, the liquidity of gemstones is very important. The liquidity of high-quality bare stones is always strong
  3. When purchasing bare stones, try to have a few batches. It's better to have a reliable partner in the gemstone market to help you pick up goods and provide the latest market trend
  4. Now the economic environment is poor. It is not easy to sell gemstones with a high total price. Small and fine gemstones are the best
  5. Red / Green / blue gemstones are always the best selling colors in China.

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Fifth, Find Good Jewelry Manufacturer to Cooperate?

Find exquisite technology, reasonable fees, reliable inlaid partners, you can save a lot of effort

After all, the vast majority of the world's color gemstone jewelry inlaid stones are carried out in Panyu. The skilled workers from these factories set up various jewelry craft factories in Panyu, with the detailed division of labor, Its final jewelry manufacturing technology can reach a very high level, which is far beyond the level of local goldsmith with experience

By the way: Guangzhou Panyu has a national jewelry production customs supervision area Shawan jewelry industrial park. This industrial park gathers hundreds of skilled jewelry agents, producing jewelry and luxury goods that sell well all over the world for international jewelry brands

What to pay attention to when looking for a mosaic factory: to customize a piece of jewelry, you need to have a strong sense of design and good production technology. Although Panyu's production technology is the best in China, production technology does not represent a strong sense of design. From these inlay factories, I have also paid a lot of energy and tuition, You must pay attention to this. Factories with poor design often make jewelry with good workmanship but look very rustic. This is a bit fatal for inlay customization business.

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Tips on Jewelry Business Management

Color gemstones are highly non-standard products, and the quality and price system is very complex. The competition in the gem circulation industry is very complicated. All gem dealers who can do it for a long time are all human talents. There are talents who are good at the reputation and others who are good at their father. If you don't know gems well at first, you must know the quality and price, We must find the most reliable supplier, the supplier is reliable, and the gem will also be reliable; stay away from the supplier who likes to talk about extravagantly and full of brotherhood

Jewelry Market and Gemstone Business Analysis

Because Color gemstone is not recognized by the public and is not a mainstream jewelry business, the color gemstone jewelry business is often attached to / exists in the following types of jewelry stores

  • 1. In small and medium-sized cities, the owners of individual gold jewelry stores and traditional gem shops such as jadeite jade have joined color gemstone jewelry business in order to develop high-profit business
  • 2. In large and medium-sized cities, young jewelry college graduates and jewelry designers have established a private jewelry customization studio, mainly engaged in diamond jewelry customization, and also engaged in the customized business of color gemstone jewelry based on the red and blue treasure, and pearl jewelry (freshwater pearl and imported seawater pearl)
  • 3. Professional color gemstone jewelry brands: Milan, Enzo, and other color gemstone jewelry brands
  • 4. The topic of color gemstone jewelry series of international jewelry brands is quite big. Just list the brands Tiffany /  Cartier / Graff / Harry Winston / Bvlgari / Van Cleef & Arpels, CHAUMET / Shangmei Paris, etc.

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The Most Popular Color Gemstone Jewelry In Last Decades (excluding diamonds)

In terms of sales, ruby and sapphire should be the most, because many young people will choose Ruby and sapphire as wedding rings and jewelry, and marriage is still the biggest demand of Carabao

Then there is emerald. Emerald is rarely used for marriage, especially for boys who don't like to get married and have a connection with green things [laughter] cry.jpg ]As a result, emeralds are less likely to get married, and the overall sales volume will be much less than that of red and blue treasure

Then in the last two years: because of the European royal family's use of aquamarine and ruby spinel, young people in China are using these two kinds of gems for marriage

In addition, tourmaline, a semi-precious stone with high popularity in China, has a large sales volume and sales volume in China

My subjective views on some gem varieties 

High-quality Ruby and sapphire: the global supply of mining areas is becoming less and less, and the inventory of high-quality Ruby and sapphire in circulation channels is very small. Therefore, the short-term / medium-term / long-term is bullish

Emerald: I don't like it very much. I think it's a very dark stone. There are too many cotton cracks and impurities inside, so I don't think it's beautiful. Then it's too brittle. It's easy to crack when inlaying and using. It can't meet the requirement of gemstone durability. Finally, I feel that the output of emerald is too large, The emeralds in Colombia and Brazil are controlled by various forces, and the specific production capacity and reserves are hard to estimate. There are also emeralds in Afghanistan and Pakistan that are also unknown. A large number of emeralds are overstocked in the circulation link. So I always feel that emeralds will collapse one day

Ruby, dark aquamarine, saffron: I like these three kinds of gems. They have a different aesthetic feeling with red / Blue/green treasure, durability, and scarcity. They are also more and more scarce in gem circulation channels. The production capacity is limited, and the short-term/medium-term / long-term is bullish

Paraiba: I don't like it very much. The price has gone up too high. There are too many cotton cracks. Many of them have been burnt, and they are also very brittle. I feel that there is a lot of inventory overstocked in foreign circulation channels, and the speed of selling to terminal buyers is too slow. Therefore, this gem is not very reliable

Tanzanite: all of them are burnt. The hardness is too low. It's easy to damage as jewelry. It's OK to use it as ordinary jewelry. If you want to invest in jewelry, forget it.

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New Online Business Change the Traditional Jewelry Business Market

The profits of the color gemstone industry are concentrated in the retail link (customization and sales of finished jewelry), with the identity of a jewelry designer rather than a simple jewelry shop owner. Only in this way can we catch the end buyers: help customers select gemstones, help customers design jewelry, and cooperate with inlay factories to complete the products, and finally deliver them to customers

Where to learn jewelry design?

  • Of course, the most high-end, or to study in Europe's Jewelry Institute: Britain, France, Italy
  • Ordinary people can not go to Europe, then China can go to Wuhan University of Geosciences, NGTC, GIA Shanghai branch to study jewelry design courses
  • In addition, there are many small private jewelry design training courses near Daluo Jewelry City in Panyu, Guangzhou. Most of the owners of these training courses are inlaid workers. Jewelry design courses mainly focus on hand-painted drawing skills, application of jewelry design software, metalworking, and inlaying operation. They are not good at design philosophy, but they also have the advantage that they are close to the production end, Can better combine with production, know what design details, easy to produce, or difficult to produce.

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Basic knowledge On Jewelry Customization

Gold, platinum, platinum and other metal jewelry

At present, the popular colored gemstones in China are Ruby, sapphire, emerald, tourmaline, aquamarine, opal, red spinel, tanzanite, saffron, etc. there are also various kinds of cheaper garnet, olivine, chrome diopside, Amethyst / Topaz/powder crystal, and other colors

Finally, if you find it difficult to start a business with colored gems and the audience is narrow, you can choose the appropriate category to start a business in the jewelry industry. For girls, it is very suitable to take Pearl as an entry-level category, from Zhejiang freshwater pearl to imported seawater pearl (Akoya, tian zhu, Tahiti Black Pearl, etc.), I've met several girls who started their business in the jewelry industry, and gradually expanded to other categories.

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