dessert shop design

Everyone likes dessert because it tastes delicious and gives people a good spirit. Nearly every family eats desserts after dinner. Regarding dessert becoming very popular, many people even open sweet food shops to earn a profit. And a sweet dessert restaurant usually building a warm and comfortable atmosphere. Clients can enjoy their meals and relax a while. Here is a useful dessert shop furniture decoration, hoping to give more ideas to business the owner.

A sweet dessert shop furniture includes a service table, display cabinets, working counter, wall shelf, table, and seats. We can use a light lamp, suitable color light and posters to decorate the shop. A good-looking and unforgettable shop design helps a lot to win customers and convenient for work.

dessert shop design

Sweet Dessert Shop Furniture Introduction

Layout description

As we enter the dessert shop, we can see a large service counter at the first sight. People can order food here and also pick it up from this counter. Against the wall is a long bar table with chairs. Looks like a juice bar shop. However, the inside room is full space for a seat. It can accommodate more customers and leave a good impression on them. The kitchen and storage rooms are usually set in the innermost room for food preparation.

Service counter

There is a straight shape service counter for order and check cash. It has a higher wall over the counter table, inside is a lock cabinet and drawers for storage. Next to it is a counter table to the place drink machine. While the end is a glass display cabinet, mainly use to show cakes.

Working table

The working table uses to make food like cake, coffee, etc. So that people can get their order in few minutes. A water tap with sink set here for wash hands. There are display shelves on the wall, it is good to place cups and decorates.

Bar table and chairs

The bar table counter mainly uses for the seat and can also make full use of space. It usually stands near the wall. Therefore, we can set necessary dessert furniture and rest area set seats accordingly.

cake display counter

Dining table and seating sofa

Dining table and sofa inside room. People can meet with friends here because it has large tables for more customers. Also, set 2-person tables in the middle to meet peoples’ demands.

Multiple usages

We can sell cakes, coffee, juice, ice cream smoothie, and even frozen yogurt in this food restaurant shop. Just place necessary machines in the shop and start a business. We can even make a floor plan first and find a good location for equipment so that employees can also use it easily.

Materials show:

  • Main material: Plywood
  • Surface material: Laminate
  • Countertop: Stone
  • Kicking: Stainless steel

This dessert shop mainly uses Plywood to make the counter body and attach laminate as a finish. Marble stone on the kiosk table mainly to protect the counter and for health consideration. Other materials include tempered glass, stainless steel kicking, acrylic logo, lightbox posters, etc. However, the dining table has metal base support with a wood veneer table. We can also use the required materials to make the food shop furniture, please don’t hesitate to choose good material before producing the street food shop.

dessert shop furniture

Advantages of dessert shop furniture

  1. The laminate surface counter has a high ignition point and fireproof.
  2. Good waterproof performance, not easy to mold, reducing the breakage rate of the dining table
  3. High anti-skid coefficient, tabletop items are not easy to slip off
  4. Strong abrasion resistance, not easy to scratch
  5. Robust and durable, the production process is more environmentally friendly, and the shape is more flexible

Cake Shop Decoration

The decoration is a very important part of a food shop. It’s a very good idea to make a professional design. Where can show the real shop decoration from different angles? We can see how it matches the shop theme.

Color Decoration

This cake shop mainly uses off-white and yellow colors to decorate the wall. The dining table is in brown wood color. We can also customize the dessert shop in other colors to make it looks better.

dessert shop light

Light Description

Light mainly hangs under the roof for bright. Spotlight is usually set near the wall for focus showcase. We can also add light under the counter table and at the kicking to attract the eye’s attention. There are many different colors of light to select, such as blue, yellow, white, green, pink, etc. And can even use changeable light to make the shop looks special.