How to open a successful hair salon store?

Nowadays, there are more and more people opening barber shops, and their competitiveness in the market is also increasing. For a novice, there is still a little pressure to open a barber shop, not just as simple as shampooing customers' hair. With the fashion trend, more and more young people like new hairstyles and follow the trend. We need to learn to innovate continuously, so as to bring more customers. How to start a barber shop for newbies? Next, we will give you some suggestions, hoping to help you.


The store location:

First of all, choosing a location and determining the business grade of a hairdressing shop is the first step to success. Store location selection is a long-term investment. Compared with other factors, it has long-term and fixed nature. Therefore, scientific and effective location selection is an important factor for the successful operation of a store. For a hairdressing shop, choosing a suitable store address is the first problem to be solved when opening a shop. This will not only achieve a multiplier effect but also increase passenger flow and promote the performance of the hairdressing shop.


You must pay more attention to the sanitation of the surrounding environment of the hairdressing salon. If you are adjacent to grocery stores, restaurants, and mechanical repair shops, your business will drop sharply. How to choose a good shop location? You might choose a community shop in a residential area, which is convenient, and the rent is relatively cheap. A commercial area is an ideal place for residents to shop, chat, go shopping, and relax. It is also the best place for beauty salons. However, the relatively high rental costs of stores in commercial districts, it has brought great economic pressure to entrepreneurs. In addition to the high cost, this type of lot is also highly competitive. Therefore, this location is suitable for hair salons with sufficient funds and distinctive personalities.

Hair salon shop


The store environment:

The environment of a store is the customer’s first sensory impression of the store. The environment shapes the atmosphere, and a good atmosphere can biring customers a pleasant mood and a sense of quality service. This is a normcore style of the hair salon shop. A whole barber shop use grey and black as the main color theme. This is a popular and modern design style of recently.


Barbershop layout:

Reception counter area

The hair salon store includes a reception counter with a limestone finish. This is a simple design counter to match the whole shop style. You can see the reception counter color is the same as the floor color which is matches well. For the material of this reception counter, we can use limestone of good quality. If you want to save some cost, we can use the plywood with limestone color laminate also can work well.

Salon shop reception counter

Products display area

On the wall it has a wooden display shelf can put some shampoo and hair care products. This kind of display shelf can add the Led strip light then we can light up the products to let the shop looks more bright. Some display showcase against the wall has the lighted display shelf and storage cabinet.

salon shop

Customer waiting area

Some customers go to the barber shop with their friends. Their friends if not need to do the haircut they can sit and wait here. The customer waiting area can for the customer to waiting and have a rest here. You can provide some foods or drinks for the customer as well when they are waiting.

Waiting area


Wash area

The hair salon shop has a wash area with some shampoo beds. The shampoo beds also match the whole barber shop with black color.

hair cut shop

Haircut area

Most of the area of the hair salon store is the haircut area. The barber station with round shape mirror, oval shape mirror and rectangular shape mirror. And the small black cabinet with metal base for you to put some tools here.

Barber shop design

Customize barber store design:

We can customize a new barber salon shop for you with the shop style you want. Please provide us the shop size or floor plan us, if you have the photos of the shop scene will be better. For a customize 3d store design charge a 500-1000$ design deposit but based on your shop size. Our design team will make a new 3d model with your shop size and your favorite store style.

A professional hair salon shop design is very important so that we can see the effect of the whole shop. Our design team will make the 3d hair salon store design and arrange the layout for you. Ant Display is professional commercial store furniture, we can offer exactly what you want. If you have any idea about the hair salon shop, please welcome to contact us.