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Hair Styling Sation & Mirror Display Stand Hair Barber Station in Salon Store

Hair Styling Station with Mirror Barber Store Cabinet Hair Salon Shop Working Counter for Sale

Single size barber shop station with mirror

Unique design with good quality hair salon furniture

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Recently, hair styling stations have become popular among people. Because many shop owners open hair salon shops and earn money. Each salon shop has different kinds of barber stations. The most important thing is to choose a beautiful and useful hair styling station.

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Black Hair salon furniture design

We can see the most furniture in the hair salon is a barber station. Because clients accept hair cut service here without waiting. Barbershop station usually has a mirror, display table, lock cabinet, hair tool rings, etc.


The main color of the barbershop station is black and a mirror. We can also make it in white, pink, blue, green, and other colors like wood. So please choose one matches the shop decoration.

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Standard size for a barbershop station is 100cm*60cm*160cm. We can also custom make it 120cm, 80cm, or 60cm. Please choose a suitable size for a hair salon shop.

Detail information

This barbershop station is good to place against the wall. Which can leave more space for work. When people seat, they can see how to do hairstyling work through the big mirror.

The hairdressing tools can be placed on the counter table when working. It saves time for haircuts and is also convenient for stylists to use.

Under the table are lock cabinets and drawers to store items. We can also leave space in the middle for the legs.


The main material to make a hair styling station is MDF with baking paint. Other materials include mirrors, hardware, stainless steel kicking. We can also attach an LED light to the mirror.

Plywood with the oak wood surface to make the hairstyling station mainly give a different effect. Wood decoration becomes a fashion recently. It can also create a retro style and makes the hair shop outstanding

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More Information
Color black
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF, baking paint, mirror, stainless steel, etc.
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