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Are you going to open a hair salon shop to earn a profit? Before opening a barbershop, it’s very important to decorate the shop and choose suitable styling stations for work. Because barbershop view as a fashion leader, a good decoration show your professional and beauty sense. And suitable styling stations leave a deep impression on clients.

Hair Salon Store Furniture Introduction

Hair salon store furniture includes reception counter, hair styling station, display shelf, and shampoo chair. We can also attach the brand logos and advertising posters to the wall, which can attract customers and let them know us better. This hair salon store also has a seating sofa.

Furniture description

Reception counter

The reception counter is usually set near the entrance door, so we can see and serve everyone to enter the shop. The reception counter of the hair salon shop has a simple design with a front luminous logo. To make full use of the shop, we also use the reception counter as the cashier counter. It is also convenient for customers to pay bills before they leave. We can also make a brand logo wall behind it with light lamp decoration.

Seating sofa

The seating sofa is set opposite the reception counter. Clients can have a rest when the shop has people is many people, the same for their partners. The back wall has helped the new design to make full use of the new design drawing to make

Hairstyling station

There are a total of 6 barber stations in the hair salon store. It has a working table for putting the necessary goods. The mirror upon the working table has a light lamp surround and an open shelf next to it to show more products. Posters can also place here for advertising. Under the table are lock drawers and cabinets to increase storage.

Wall display cabinet

Near the sofa is a large wall display cabinet with a shelf. It has multiple layers shelf for placing more items. And the bottom has lock cabinets. It mainly uses to showcase takeaway products to increase sales performance.

Shampoo chair

The everything barbershop has a shampoo chair for wash hair. This hair salon shop has one shampoo chair inside the room. We can set 2-3 shampoo chairs for convenient usage. Which can also save time for waiting. Because some clients can wash hair first while others can do hair styling.

barber shop furniture

Color decoration

The main color of the hairstyling station is black with a white table. It high levels the store theme and leaves a deep impression on people. It mainly uses warm yellow and white ceiling light to create a warm atmosphere. Changeable color light lamp on the stations to makes the barbershop looks magic. We can also use the same color to match the store decoration.

Material show

  • Main material: MDF
  • Surface material: Shiny backing paint
  • Counter table material: Whitestone
  • Shelf material: MDF or tempered glass
  • Other materials: Mirror, luminous acrylic logo, stainless steel kicking, etc.
  • We can also change it to other materials like Plywood with a solid wood finish.

hair styling station

How to make a barbershop design?

First: Measure the barbershop size

Before opening a barbershop, we have to measure the shop size as the first step. Because we have to make sure to make full use of space. When everything places in the correct place, we can use them conveniently.

Second: Decide shop decoration and furniture layout

Barbershop decoration is very important as people see the shop decoration before experience. And styling station is where to provide service and gain satisfaction. It’s better to make a floor plan so that we can arrange the barber station and showcase it well.

Third: Make a CAD design drawing

This part is complete by professional design, we just need to tell them what we want. The CAD design shows our shop decoration from different angles. The design needs about 3-5 workdays.

Fourth: Modify the 3D design and confirm it

When getting the design, we have to check the design pictures carefully and make sure it is the one we want. If any changes are adding to the design, please let the designer know. They will update it in the design drawing of the hair salon shop furniture soon for confirmation.

Finally: Complete the construction drawing

The construction drawing is complete with a confirmed design. It needs about 2 workdays to complete. Because it shows how the production process, size, circuit plan, individual counter, and materials directly.


This hair salon shop design is made according to special ideas. Hopping this barbershop furniture decoration will give you good ideas. Whenever you plan to open a hair salon shop, please kindly contact us. We can help you find a good solution and make a wonderful kiosk for you. More hair salon shop design