Luxury hair mirror station barber shop styling station design for sale

Luxury hair mirror station barber shop styling station design for sale

barber station

Custom Barber Station and Hair Styling Starion for Sale

Barber Station with Mirror & Hair Styling Station in Retail Store for Sale

Custom Display Stand

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We all know that the styling station is an indispensable furniture in a hairdressing shop, and it is also a place where it mainly serves customers and does hairdressing. A beautiful and practical hairdressing counter can make your entire hairdressing shop look more attractive and make full use of the space. Hairdressing is what everyone needs, and people are paying more and more attention to appearance and are willing to spend money on hair. Therefore, the more hairdressing shops opened, the demand for hairdressing counters was also increasing.

Here is an Elegant Styling Station Design

Because this hair shop mainly for ladies, so the shop style mainly used dark black with golden color. The hair cuttting station design used dark black color,top comes with square mirrors with nice led light, the bottom are drawers and cabinets to storage.The top of the counter we put some hair dryer holes and it will be more convenient to dry the hair. Against the wall have some display cabinets to display and storage hair products.This kind hair station design i believe ladies will like them a lot.

Product Detailed

  • Material,MDF,
  • Size: 1000x350x1800mm
  • Surface, baking paint,
  • Color, black
  • Style , Modern design
  • Hardware, stainless steel handle
  • Others, led strip, stainless steel kick toe

Why Choose Ant display Limited?

  1. Ant display is a direct factory specialize in making customized shop furniture above 12years already, we are doing furniture every day ,so have rich experience. And we have professional design team, can help you design the hair shop as your needs for you see effect.
  2. We can ensure give you nice quality and good price. Why say like this?We have the good material suppliers. so we can get the cost materials, and our workmanship is exquisite.
  3. Our good service. We supply design service, you can tell us your needs, we can help you design the shop as your needs and size.And after you see design if you feel any places want to adjust, just feel free let me know.

There are Some Question from Our Customer

How to Pack the Barber Station?

The package we will install the For the each edge and corner of the barber station, we will use the EPE foam to pack the interior. We all know that EPE Foam is a new buffering and jolt proof packing material with good heat resisting, damp proof, wear preventing and anti-corroding function. It can protect the barber station from the damage. After packing the barber station with foam, we will use the film to fix the EPE foam. And for the outside package, we will use the MDF to make the wood box. Then put the interior package into the wooden box. The wooden box will be strong and can protect the kiosk from crash. 

When will we receive it?

If you want the same one, do not need the new design. We produce the 1-3 barber stations about 15-18working days. If you want it above 4 pcs, will take about 22-25workig days to produce these. The shipping time based on your country. For instance, if you are located New York, It will take about 30days to the port.

How Can I Get New One from You?

We can customize the barber station according your requirements. You can tell me what color, size, or other needs you want to add. Before we produce it, we will help you do a 3d design firstly. Then you can see the whole effect. After you confirm the design, then we will start to produce it according the design Infallibly.

Can i Get One Barber Station with 3 Mirrors?

Sure, we can help you produce it according your requirements. If you need three mirrors, the size will be becoming 2.5m at least. If you want to put some shelves to display the perfume, we will help you arrange the suitable size.

More Information
Color black
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF + baking paint
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