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What should we do before open a juice bar shop? Everyone can list a lot of necessary things to do before starting a business. In my opinion, the shop decoration is very important. Because it can reflect your store positioning and style. It is the first impression of the juice bar shop on people. In this case, the shop owner usually has to make a professional shop design to find a good decoration effect. And, the store decoration can be used as a brand decoration when we expand the brand in the future.

The juice bar shop furniture design includes a work counter, service counter with POS system, seating table and chairs, brand logo wall, posters, and even menu with price lists. We can also use different colors to make the juice bar shop create a comfortable and attractive atmosphere. And also find a good location to put up posters on the wall to increase the advertising effect. Here are some tips to make the juice bar shop looks better. Let’s see this juice bar shop decoration as an example. I am sure it will give you more good ideas.

Introduction of juice bar shop

For a juice bar shop, we usually provide a variety of food and beverages for customers to choose from. Such as coffee, ice cream, frozen yogurt, bubble tea, smoothie, cake, and hot dog. This can also help us win more customers with different flavors. We can also sort out the needed equipment, then leave a space for good usage.

Working Counter Area decoration

The working counter is for preparing food and juice. We can place equipment here to prepare food and drink. Coffee machine, milkshake, cake display always put on the countertop. While in the refrigerator, the frozen machine is placed under the counter to save space. The water sink and tap are installed here for a wash. It uses the stone to build the countertop, so it can protect the counter body and highlight the juice bar shop. The working table has frost glass on the countertop, which keeps consumers away from the machine.

Service Counter Introduction

The service counter mainly uses to reception customers and help them order food. Therefore, we can place POS systems and menus with price lists. Reference posters can be set here to show clients the hot sale items and what kind of food they are buying. Usually, the service counter is combined with a working table to make full use of space. And the front counter has a brand logo to increase brand impression.

Seating Area Decoration

The seating area has tables, chairs, and sofas for customers to sit down and enjoy meals. For food restaurants, the seating area occupies a large area to accommodate more guests. This juice bar shop has round tables in wood finish, and chairs are also wood color matches the table. The cushion is blue leather, comfortable to sit down. Soft sofa in orange color near the two sidewalls, along with the squared table and chairs. There are many different kinds of tables and chairs to choose from. With the juice shop storeroom permits, we can design small rooms and decks to increase privacy and interest.

Material information

We use plywood to build the juice shop furniture, it’s very good to build food furniture. The surface material is laminate and wood solid. Stone is to make the service table. Other materials include frosted glass, light lamp, stainless steel kicking, acrylic logo, lightbox posters.

juice bar counter

Promoting and advertising part

As for an attractive juice bar shop, the shop wall and ceiling also be a part of decoration work. We can paint the wall in target colors to get a wonderful effect. This juice bar shop has a wood wall decoration upon seating sofa and put up lightbox posters for promoting. We can also make a large logo wall to showcase brand culture. A wall cabinet is a good place to put books and small decorations. Artificial plants, paintings, and stickers have become more and more popular among modern food shops. Another advertising space is the sales window, where we can write recommended foods every day on the blackboard. In this way, every potential customer passing by may be attracted and enter the store to buy it.

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Juice bar shop light decoration

Ceiling light

Food restaurant ceiling light is part of the decoration. It not only brightens the shop but creates a special shop atmosphere. We can use white light with adjustable warm light. Dimmable light in different colors keeps freshness and enjoyment.


Spotlights are usually used as auxiliary ceiling lights, which can focus on the part of the shop and can also make the shop lighting softer. It usually adds to the wall under the ceiling and also adds the service counter to show the food better.

Light lamp

Lamp lamp set under the counter and on the floor for bright the service kiosk and decoration. It has very uniform lighting, and looks very high-end, and attracts eye attention.