Coffee shop design

Nowadays, people's life is getting faster and faster, and people have high demands on modern life. In daily life, coffee has become a necessity for some people. Coffee is not only a taste for them, but also deeply attracted by the unique coffee culture. Different countries have different coffee cultures. When operating a coffee shop, you need to pay attention to product selection and good shop layout design and create your own coffee brand and culture according to the habits of the locals, which will make your coffee shop develop for a long time.


Coffee shop furniture

The color of the entire coffee shop is mainly black and blue, retro style, looks very beautiful and The bar counter is the place responsible for making food, it can reflect your level of service. This counter is L-shaped, the main color is black, and the material is solid wood, which looks very advanced. You can put some special delicacies on the counter to attract customers. When customers are interested, you can make a good introduction and recommend them to try. By the side are some fresh fruits put in display rack, which can let people know that the products you provide are healthy and hygienic. There are some high stools outside the bar counter where people can sit to chat and taste delicious food. There are many fixed display racks on the wall, which allows you to store things better.

Coffee shop design

Coffee shop design

Some glass display cabinets are placed in the middle of the shop, which is decorated with different wine bottles, making the shop look more unique. The table is black and the chair is green, which can accommodate 3-4 people. For the sofa position, it is mainly 2-3 people. There is a bookshelf beside it, and some books are placed in it. People can enjoy coffee here and enjoy their time by reading books. We all know the importance of lighting. It can adjust the good atmosphere of the shop. The ceiling is mainly installed with chandeliers, the display furniture is very attractive under the shining of the light, and the LED light strip is installed in the display cabinet to highlight the characteristics.


Wall design

The wall mainly uses black ecological wood as the background, and the shelf is fixed on it for display. Put fake grass on the wall for decoration. We usually have posters and stickers on our walls for promotional products. For this coffee shop, the customer did not do too much decoration, the black ecological wood will look very advanced.


Good store layout

We need to use the advantages of the location to make rational use of space. This coffee shop is located on the street, with arched glass doors, people can see the scenery outside, even if they are in the shop. Glass doors also make the shop look more unique. Different positions have different effects. The position not near the window is relatively quiet, and bookshelves can be placed nearby for people to read. And more,if you like a more emotional cafe, you can also install a few speakers in the corner to play relaxing music in the afternoon or evening, which will make people feel comfortable and relaxed.

Coffee shop design


Store exterior decoration

This is the feedback picture sent to us by the customer. We can see the decoration outside the store, which is very eye-catching. The walls are decorated with LED lights and plants, which can easily get people's attention no matter it is day or night. This kind of light belt saves electricity and is safe, and can be used for a long time. People can see the inside of the shop from the outside, which can make them curious and want to go in and try.


Customized display furniture

Ant Display is a design and makes furniture manufacturer. We were founded in 2008 and located in Shenzhen, China. Different products require different styles of furniture, and proper color matching will make your shop look better. We will first determine the whole style of the shop based on your products, shop floor plan, and requirements. The color and shape of the furniture can be designed according to your ideas. Our designers will make a design plan for all your requirements, and you can see your ideal shop through the design. If you are not sure about your design idea, we will help you make a preliminary design first. After you confirm it, we will modify it according to your thoughts to make it better, it's very easy.