Gifts are very common in our lives. The special feature is that for children, receiving a good gift will make them happy all day. This is why there are more and more gifts now.

We need to pay attention to several aspects when designing a gift shop.

  • The first is the window display design. The window display is generally used to display the boutique of the shop, which can attract the attention of customers.
  • The second is the facade. The facade design has a high resolution, allowing customers to see it at a glance in the crowd. The visual stimulation and psychological impact of facade design on consumers is very large.
  • Wall and color design. The walls and colors of the gift shop are very important. We need to make full use of walls to display products. For a shop, color is also very important. We can choose the color according to the theme of the brand.

For the store name, which is what we call the logo. You can make a logo according to your own store positioning.

interior store design

Gift Store Design

Next, I will introduce the gift store design to you. The whole 3d design includes the facade, ceiling, display fixture, reception desk. We all know that the unique store will attract more attention from the customer.


Most of the customers will see the facade before they enter the shop. You can see the whole gift store is very symmetry which has four pillars been put on the facade. For the pillars, we also add the top which is a cone shape. In the middle of the facade, we add the logo. The bottom of the facade has balusters to decorate the facade.

3d shop design

Window Showcase

The window showcase has two parts for the gift store. The right of the gift store is empty, just have the dog image to attract the children. The left of the gift store has some image display and an attractive wall to make the whole display stand more stand.


The ceiling is very simple. The whole color is white, and there are some spotlights on the ceiling. Although the layout is very simple, it is has a clean impression on the customer.

Wall Board with the logo

There is wallboard between the wall display stands. The whole color of the wallboard is blue, and there is a white hollow lighted logo on it.

gift store design

Display Fixture

The display fixture includes the wall display cabinets, display racks, and display tables and stands.

Wall display cabinet, You can see the sides of the wall has wall display cabinets. The top of the display stand has a lightbox which can put their logo. For the display area, there is also some spotlight to display the product. For the bottom of the wall display cabinet, there are some drawers to store the goods.  

Display rack, the middle of the store has many display racks. The two sides of the display rack have the Mickey Mouse Shape. And the top of the display rack has a lightbox with the shop logo. The display rack has the 3 layers to display the product. For each layer, there is have a light strip to display the stand.

Display table, The display tables have many colors to choose from. The shape, color, size, all of these, we will customize these for the display tables. When we produce it, we will send you the Panton Card to choose from. Then you can choose the color that you interested in.


Reception Desk

The reception desk has two places for the people. One place for employees to collect money, the other place for customers to consult. If you have enough space, you can choose one cashier desk and one information desk. It can leave an important impression for the customer if there is more space.


For the display fixture, the main material is MDF. For the surface of the furniture, we will use baking paint. Because the MDF is easy to shape and will make the display stand more unique.

For the logo,

We also have many types logo can use, like acrylic logo, 3d stainless steel logo, neon logo.

  • Acrylic logo, we use the acrylic logo as the main material.  
  • Stainless Steel, The 3d stainless steel logo is very popular among us. The effect is very good and makes the whole store more beautiful.

gift store design

Ant Display

Ant Display has more than 15 years of experience in the industry, and we have done and shipped many mall kiosks and shop fixtures to the USA, the UK, AUS, CA, and some other European Countries. If you want to learn more 3d shop store design, you can click here, Shop interior design, and obtain more 3D designs as your reference.