bubble tea store interior design

A bubble tea shop is a place for people to relax and release stress, so a good atmosphere is very important. Most young people will chat and date with friends, etc. The design of the store also needs to keep pace with the times, and the unique and fashionable interior design and decoration will make people like it more.


Customer ideas

This store is open in the shopping mall. And the customer wants a unique and beautiful store. When he told us his requirements, for example, color, layout, logo, etc. Our designer made a new design and made some modifications according to the customer’s ideas. Some decorations have been added to the work counter and ceiling to make the design look better. This bubble shop has sliding doors with an acrylic luminous logo on the top. looks so attractive. Let us see more details as follows.

 bubble tea store interior designWork counter

From the picture, the work counter is in an ‘L’ shape, the main color is white, and the countertop is black marble, which looks very advanced. There is a dessert display freezer on the countertop, and we will leave enough space for you to put machinery and equipment when we make the 3D design. Hang 5 advertising machines to promote your products and services, and there are some display racks on the counter inside for storing things, which is very convenient. Add customer logo outside the counter to make the counter look better.


Wall and ceiling decoration

For the walls, most of the walls are painted with blue paint, and plant albums are placed on the walls for decoration, creating a relaxed and pleasant environment in the store. Spotlights are installed on the top of each plant photo album, the photo album is more unique under the light and looks more eye-catching. A small part of the wall is decorated with other colors and some mirrors and shelves to make this shop look better. There are chandeliers installed on the ceiling. The chandeliers have various shapes, and the warm light makes the shop look more beautiful.


Seating area

Most of the shop furniture is the long sofa. For the middle and small corners of the shop, “U”-shaped sofas and chairs are used. The material is leather, and the hexagonal table is made of artificial stone, which is very durable and beautiful. The long sofa can accommodate 4-6 people, and the small “U-shape” sofa can accommodate 3-4 people. Each position has enough space to avoid crowding.

 bubble tea store interior designCustomized display furniture

Considering the space issue of the shop, we made the double-sided sofa. The long sofa near the wall is blue in color, and the pink "U"-shaped sofa put in the middle and corners of the shop. The color of the chairs are blue and white, and the colors are very coordinated. Do you like this kind of furniture design? We can customize furniture according to your requirements, combining your products and store layout, we will create a new and perfect 3D shop design for you.



Design time+production time+shipping time

We will send you the 3D shop design for confirmation within 2-3 working days. If you have any new ideas, you can tell us, and we will make changes to ensure that the design is perfect. Taking into account the need to modify and mall review, it will take 7-10 days. Usually, the production time is 22-25 days, depending on the quantity of furniture. The furniture is handmade and the quality is guaranteed. Regarding the shipping time, it is about one month. You can tell us your country and destination port, and we will check the specific time and freight cost for you. So a project will take 3 months to have enough time to finish it.

 bubble tea store interior design


Most people's first impression depends on the appearance of the store. So a store is inseparable from a good store layout and design. Our company has an excellent design team, you only need to tell us your requirements, and our designers will make new designs for you. And you can see all the details and effects by design. Ant Display Limited has more than ten years of furniture manufacturing experience, if you want more help, we are ready and please contact us below.