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People who are asking these questions must be someone who wants to enter the optical or eyewear retail business. Before we give a direct answer, we should focus on the real situation of the eyeglasses industry. Whether you are starting a sunglasses kiosk in a shopping mall or opening a retail store on the crowded street. Detail market research is necessary.

The market is huge

With the huge market demand and the opaque market supply, China has become a real big country in the production and consumption of optical glasses, and the products are famous in the world for their low price and high quality. The market capacity of China's optical glasses industry reaches 40 billion yuan. In the past five years, the annual growth rate of China's optical glasses industry has reached 17%. In the country, there are more than 130 million elderly people, and 90% of them need optical glasses. There are more than 20 million college students nationwide, at least 80% of them need optical glasses.

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According to the period that optical glasses are updated every three years in the market, China's optical glasses market needs about 100 million pairs of optical glasses every year, and the demand potential of China's optical glasses market is great. With the rapid development of China's economy and the increasing disposable income of consumers, the personalized consumption of optical glasses products is becoming more and more obvious.

Technology update very fast

The value of the modern service industry and high-tech technology reflects that the optical glasses industry is part of the modern service industry and also a high-end technology industry. It has magic power because you can't predict what the next popular products will be. Anti-radiation optical glasses, color-changing optical glasses, aspheric optical glasses, more and more scientific and technological capabilities are integrated into the optical glasses industry. In addition, with the development of the current fashion trend, eye The mirror has changed from a visual aid object to a decorative and beautiful object, and its development in the future is still huge.

This is the embodiment of the value of integrating high-tech technology into the optical glasses industry. At the same time, the optical glasses shop is not only a health care industry organization but also a semi medical popular service place with high quality. Therefore, it also embodies the value of the modern service industry. The modern service industry and high-tech industry must have a profit margin that other industries can't match.

Are the optical glasses store profitable? Whether in the first-tier cities, second-tier, and third-tier cities or towns, although the profits of optical glasses shops are slightly different, as long as the operators strictly guarantee the quality of spectacle lenses, after-sales service and pay attention to the service brand, there will be an endless stream of customers.

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Pptical glasses are a rigid demand for teenagers

For the optical glasses shop, some people say that you can't see many people all day. How can you survive? Other people do not say that the eyeglass shop is a profiteering industry, we do not believe it! In fact, although you look at the number of people, if you stay in the optical glasses shop for a week and calculate the customer flow and turnover rate, you will find that there are still many customers. If it is true that there are no people every day, then you can't find this shop, because it has been unable to make ends meet. Now the rent is very expensive!

There must be a fixed consumer group in the optical glasses shop. People usually go to fitting on weekends, especially students. In order not to delay class, they are short-sighted and want to see the blackboard. There are many people who wear optical glasses on weekends, winter and summer holidays. If I go to Wanda at noon, there will be no one there. I will think about how Wang Jianlin became the richest man in China? There must be no difference between selling things and killing people.

To consider opening a new store, the following points should be met first:

A) Its own technology is excellent and the knowledge reserve is sufficient

If you have worked in an optical glasses shop for several years, or have a professional background, and are familiar with optometry and processing, I think it is qualified. If you are a person who doesn't know anything about optical glasses, I think it's a high-risk investment.

B) Have enough mental preparation

Once the optical glasses shop is opened, all the energy and time have to be put into operation. If you don't stay in the store and just give it to the clerk, it's a small probability that you want to have a good business. You must keep the shop and take care of the household chores, which will not distract your energy and time.

C) If you are willing to use your brain, you are not afraid to be tired

Nowadays, if you want to open a good optical glasses shop, you must seize the business opportunities and think about how to operate a good store better. After work at night, in the dead of night, you should sit in front of the computer and think about it, instead of chatting with your friend KTV.

D) Sufficient funds

It takes a long time for the optical glasses shop to get back to its original cost. In general, the first three years do not make much money. In the fourth year, some customers will buy back their optical glasses. I don't think it's a good idea if you're borrowing money or a loan to open a shop.

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How to Increase the profit of the optical glasses shop?

1) Constantly improving the professionalism of employees

Only when the customer feels that the store is professional, the customer will pay the bill. After all, the customer has to wear his face after all.

I think "professional" is the "bottom line" of the optical glasses store, just like a nanny. Being nice to your children is her bottom line. Another love nagging ah, love to take advantage of ah, everything, are small problems, can be tolerated. Because she's good for children. If it is found that it is not good for the child, the employer will let her go without hesitation. What if the optical glasses shop is not professional? No matter how cheap, customers are not willing to pay.

2) Don't cheat to make a good spectacle shop

From Optical Store Interior design to eyeglass shop decoration. From single optical displays chosen to the whole frame displays installation. We should be practical on every step. Why is the business of "Baodao", "Daoxiang village", "Wu Yutai" and "DongLaiShun" so good and their profits so high?

That is to say, they will never resort to fraud. In the long run, we can accumulate word-of-mouth, and if the brand is recognized, we will not be afraid of no customers. Customers here to spend, is at ease, down-to-earth, even if some expensive, also willing.

In some stores, the lens is shoddy, and the refractive index is stolen. It seems that this time it has been beneficial. But if you often walk by the river, how can you not wet your shoes? If such things are done too much, the natural customers will find that the store will die if they pass ten or one hundred.

I will ask the shop assistant to explain the situation to the customer if he does not have the lens, and it will take a few days. If it's an urgent customer, I'm willing to make less money and recommend other lenses that can be taken in a hurry. Many customers and I have become friends, also because of the result of long-term adherence, people believe in you, rest assured, down-to-earth.

3) Online price + physical store service

In addition to the channel of mention, we also have online stores. The original intention of optometry service on is to dig into the corner of other online stores, and then lead them to our own online stores. In fact, it has been successful, which proves that it is worth putting so much energy and time into it. The future development trend is online + offline. The business of physical stores without online stores will be poor, so will the online stores without physical stores. Now the only advantage of online stores is that the price is low, but when the offline price and online prices are almost the same in the future, the bitter days of online stores should come. After all, it's only scientific to get optical glasses from the optical glasses store. A lot of people try to fix their optical glasses online because of the price.