LED Glass Display Cases, Stainless Steel Showcase for Jewlery Store Display

LED Glass Display Cases, Stainless Steel Showcase for Jewlery Store Display

Glass Showcase with LED light Strip & watch Display Coutner for Sale

Glass Showcase with LED light Strip & watch Display Coutner for Sale

Advanced curved glass display cabinet | customized products

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The glass display cabinet is a kind of cabinet that is widely used, and it is especially popular in mobile phone shops and jewelry stores. The glass cabinet can protect our property safety and it is safe for us to display products. The glass is transparent, customers can see the products in the glass cabinet, but can't take them away easily. We all know that tempered glass is very strong, sometimes even if you hit it with a hammer, it won’t rot. Its quality is very good.

The product I want to introduce to you today is the glass display cabinet. It has a special shape, not a square cabinet, but a little arc. From the design drawing, we can also see its shape and color matching. Its base is made of MDF and baking varnish, and the side wood grain is a veneer. This kind of wood grain color is relatively light and is one of the most popular wood grain colors. In the middle is our glass laminate, we can put our products inside, there is a light strip on the top of it, and the glass door is locked.

High-quality glass case details

Size: 1450x600x1050mm

Basic material: MDF

Surface finish: Baking paint, veneer, tempered glass

Skirting: Stainless steel

Light: LED light strip

Production time: About 10 working days

Our location: Shenzhen, China

The surface treatment of this cabinet is a combination of paint and veneer. The color rendering of the paint is good, and the veneer looks more natural and beautiful. This combination of materials is also very common. We have our own factory. After you place an order, we will take the order to our factory. Our staff has many production experiences. All our products are handmade, and every step is very rigorous. So you don't have to worry about the quality of our products.

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Ant Display

Ant Show is an export factory for customized furniture. On our website, you can see many different furniture in different stores. This furniture is customized according to the requirements of our customers. So you can buy your favorite furniture from us. We have been in this industry for more than ten years. We have many customers at different times, and many are long-term customers. We also hope to establish a cooperative relationship with you. We are committed to providing customers with the best quality and service. You must be very clear about our production details. We can send you videos or pictures of the progress of the goods at any time. Our production is transparent, and you can clearly see every process.


Regarding the details of freight, our mode of transportation is sea transportation. We can ship the goods to the port nearest to you. When the goods arrive at the port, someone will notify you in advance to pick up the goods, and we will also send you the documents required for customs clearance. If there are too many goods, you can find an agent to clear customs and pick up the goods for you, or we can deliver them directly to the door for you.

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What is your payment item?

50% deposit and 50% balance payment. We support TT wire transfer and Western Union.

How do you design the store?

If you want to design your shop, you can send us your shop floor plan, along with your requirements or products, as well as your logo and favorite colors. In this way, our designer will design the interior furniture according to your description.

How much is the design fee?

Our design fee mainly depends on the content of the design and the area of the store, that is, the amount of furniture. Generally, it is 500-1000 USD.

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Color wooden
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF, Baking paint
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