What I want to introduce to you today is a cosmetics shop. Next, we will analyze this case for you.

Project Type: Cosmetic Shop

Project coordinates: United States, Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, and other European countries

Design time: 1-2 weeks. Generally, it takes 3-6 working days for us to design a store, and it also takes some time to confirm the store details. Therefore, it usually takes 1-2 weeks to complete the design of the entire store.

Involved types: props such as wall display cabinets, display stands, middle island cabinets, lockers, brow signs, lightboxes, etc.

cosmetic store design

Project Background

Each cosmetic has its own brand background and product positioning. Today this brand is the main purpose of health and green. Therefore, the theme of the entire design will revolve around the green and healthy.

Design features

 The project undergoes precise measurement before designing to ensure the rationality of the space. In terms of color, considering that the product itself is the main natural ingredient of Chinese herbal medicine, the combination is mainly fresh and elegant. Most of the materials are made of wood, with hardware, acrylic, etc. for decoration. It involves the combination of polishing, welding, painting, bonding, and other processes. While ensuring the beauty, the shelf also needs to bear certain weight, and it is not deformed or out of shape. The display stands have a display function as well as storage.

cosmetic shop

Description of the Store Design

Color, The design of this brand is mainly green, and wood grain color. Because the main brand positioning of this brand is natural and safe. So the color of the shop must match the theme.

Wall display cabinets, You can see that there is a wall display cabinet on the wall, and they are displayed on a shelf. Can be used to showcase your products. If you want to have light strips, we can also add some light strips to make the showcase more bright.

Display stands, The display stand is divided into two parts. The upper part is the display of the laminate, and there is a corresponding brand on the top of it, which writes the type of product. The bottom of the display stand is the storage place. Convenient to store their products.

Cashier Desk, The cashier counter is very small, suitable for one person to collect the bills. There are two layers on the front of it, which can be used to place products. There is a logo in the upper left corner, the word is too small. It is recommended to use a privately printed logo to look better.

Experiencing Area, There is also a mirror on the left side of the shop, and a dressing table can give customers makeup. Then there are corresponding chairs for customers to experience.

Lightbox, This shop design contains two kinds of lightboxes. One is the lightbox shown on the left, where you can attach pictures and posters of your own products. The back wall of the shop is a lightbox logo, which can be used for display.

makeup display design

Customer Reviews

What I admire most about Ant Display is their attitude towards details. Each of them seems to be looking for better, wanting to give us the best-finished product. We also visited this factory before the COVID-19. Their business is very good and very busy. What I value most is quality, and Display has achieved this. Whether it is to make our products or to produce products for other customers, the quality is very good.

The last time I visited the factory, I saw some barber stations with mirrors and display stands. These look very good. Only good quality can reflect the strength of this factory. Their service is very good, they will point out where it is unreasonable and use their expertise to just tell you why it is not possible. I think this is also the reason why we have been able to cooperate for so long.

Ant Display

Ant display focuses on designing the commercial shop and also can produce the shop fixtures. If you want to open a shop, just feel free to contact us and consult the information that you needed.