Coffee shop design, counter, display showcase

People read books, talk with friends, fall in love, do homework, write articles, play games, and stare into space in cafes. Coffee shop culture is one of the western cultural traditions and historical cultures. Coffee shop is a carrier of cultural inheritance of a country or a city and an indispensable cell. With the continuous development of economy, the pace of life is getting faster and faster, followed by people's life pressure gradually increasing. People are busy making a living, so they need a dream place to vent their emotions and find friendship. It just so happens that coffee is popular with people. So a good interior design of the coffee shop is very important. Nowadays, people not only pat attention to the tastes, but also pay attention to the cafe environment. Cafe design is also an important factor to attract the people to come inside to taste the coffee.

Modern coffee shop design description

This one coffee shop style is modern. There is one bar counter here to make some simple drinks such as juice, Instant coffee, because there is one coffee machine is on the counter for customers to take the coffee by themselves. The material of the counter is the marble, which looks very high-end and it is very durable, besides, it is very easy to clean and people touch it very comfortable. At the bottom, there is the led light belt around the counter, which increase a design feel. And many things can be put on the counter for offering to customers.

At the back side, it is a big wood display showcase with glass doors near the wall. There are so many small cabinets to hold the material and some decoration and display them, which looks very substantial. Even at the top, the showcase hold the green plants, and they are the adorn of the coffee shop too, because the green plants can bring a good vision to people and let them feel quiet in heart.

What special for the coffee shop is that it has two bar counter to provide the service to customers. At this side, it is a big counter for the staff to make more coffee and some other food. The material is the same marble, two bar counters are the same design exactly, it matches the unified style of the coffee, if they are different, which makes the coffee shop disorderly.And this one counter is for reception desk to deal with the order and service the customers. There is also one big another type coffee machine on the counter, but not only this, it is main a big countertop for working, so there are many other machines and accessories such as the cups on it.

The wall is designed into black, and the big menu of different coffee with different price to show to people. Another side are the containers to hold many coffee beans, and they can be the decoration too, but the bottom line can be for the staff to work. At the left part, it is another type wood display shelf to display many coffee materials. And one big green plant is in front side too.

This is the customer area. There are many so much space with simple tables and chairs here for customers enjoy their time, chatting, working, reading or being a daze and so on. The chairs are different colors, black, red and gray. The ceiling are decorated the wood sticks which looks very modern and classic. The Edison lamps are handing on ceiling for the customers area, the decoration is very literary, which is special too. The whole cafe wall is designed with the display shelves, which really can show many things to people and can hold the essentials of the shop. Customers can make their visions not monotonous, it is very good. There are some many types wall display shelves design, but choosing the right type to match the shop style.

The floor design is the black and white bee slot shape, which is very easy for people to recognize if someone who take photos, then other people can know the coffee shop directly. If the online celebrity come to the shop and take photos, their fans will also want to come here too. In this way, it will bring many customers to coffee shop, so the special design for a shop is very important. There are several french windows for using the sunshine light to shine inside the shop and can also for the customers to look at the scenery. Lighting design reflects visual health. The lighting design of a cafe refers to the design of the light environment of the cafe, mainly including artificial lighting and natural light.

This is another customer area design. In the overall atmosphere of the building, the use of soft gray sofa and log table, on the wall to do some American style murals. At this wall, which is shown so many white and red coffee cups, and the red type to put into the word coffee. This one special design is easy for customers to recognize and remember. In terms of lighting, there is no need to pay too much attention to the overall brightness. The chandelier with warm color is used locally, which gives a person a kind of warm and quiet feeling. For people who are busy with their work, this is very enjoyable.

In a conclusion

To make a cafe design should think about many factories, such as style, layout, theme and customer’s needs. All things considered, the design can be better. Anti Display Limited are professional at making unique design and produce all furniture.