Mobile Phone & Computer stores are divided into large mobile phone and computer stores and some small mobile phone stores. We often see small phone shops, because the budget cost of small mobile phone shops is relatively low.

But in fact, small mobile phone stores are more difficult to design, because we need to consider enough space to put shop fixture to make the whole store more empty.

Here are some design tips

Color and light: The decoration design of the small mobile phone shop should be bright, so as to better display the products in the shop. The lighting in the mobile phone shop should be relaxed and bright, neither too bright nor too dark. Good lighting effects can make the shop more attractive.

Layout: Small mobile phone shops are suitable for display around, and then put a display cabinet in the middle. This design is more space-saving.

Floor Decoration: The floor decoration should pay attention to the choice of floor decoration materials and colors. Because the floor needs to match the overall decoration style of the store.

phone store design

Description of the Store

Light The main style of this small shop is wood grain color, white and blue light strip. The ceiling of the shop is made of white and wood grain. There are also many spotlights on the top to promote the lighting of the shop.

Display Fixture

A mobile phone shop has many styles of showcases, but this shop mainly sells computers. So there are mostly display tables. This facilitates the customer experience. This computer store has display tables and a wall display showcase against the wall.

Display Table, You can see the shop, the middle of the shop has long display tables. The computer can be displayed on both sides of the table, and there is a gap in the middle, where you can put the computer charging cable so that the computer can be charged at any time.

L Shape Display Table: We put the L-shaped display cabinet by the window, which can save space. Customers can also sit and experience the computer. There are many small storage cabinets under the countertop, which can better store things, such as computer bags, and some accessories.

Display Desk: This display desk is placed on the side of the wall, which also adds a lot of space to the store for displaying computers.

Wall Display Counter: The wall display counter, the top of the display is a lightbox. However, it is a display shelf. The display laminate has two colors, one is white and the other is wood grain color.

Light Strip: there are two types of the light strip. One is a blue light strip, we put the light strip on the edge of the table and the bottom of the floor. We install the white light strips in the storage location, and there are also white light strips on the display shelf.

Floor: The floor of this shop is wood grain. It is to match the overall shop color. The store floor will use a PVC floor. The color can be selected according to your needs.

mall 3d deisgn

Cashier Desk

The cashier desk is very necessary for each store. There are many kinds of cashier desks on our website, you can take these as a reference, and put these in your store.

The main colors of this reception desk are wood grain and white. There are two reception locations so that you can cope with it during busy times. In the middle of the reception desk is a set of logos corresponding to the back wall of the shop. On both sides of the reception desk, there are wood-grain shelves, which can be used for decoration and display.


The main material of the store fixture is MDF. And the surface we use the veneer and the baking paint. For the accessories: lock, drawer slide, stainless steel baseboard, lightbox painting, light strip, spotlight, sticker.

How to Customize the New Store?

Ant Display focuses on customizing the shop fixtures, we have a professional design team and can customize the store with all of your needs. You can send me the layout of the store, then we can do the 3d design according to the size and all of your needs like the color, layout, style, and so on. We will display all of these on the 3d design.

After you satisfy the 3d design, we will start to produce the shop fixture.