watch shop design

Watch is not only used to see the time, watch still represents a kind of grade. Although the phone can also tell the time, but the phone is a phone, it is just a tool. And watches can be accessories, or even a culture, and wearing a watch is always a classic. Watches can show grade and status. Different situation with different uses, there are many people wearing the watches, student, businessmen, teacher, and all people in kinds of different positions. Watches can be the gift to send to friends, family in some special festivals.

Watch shop decoration design must be from the perspective of customers, a watch shop as a display platform, to present a good effect to the customer, customer satisfaction, let the customer can see into a watch shop at a glance is services of that kind of feeling for me, to bring customers convenient, suitable for shopping environment, we must from the perspective of customers, set out, step by step. Then through the position, layout, lighting and other prominent points, the use of appropriate colors, charts and layout, in a coordinated way to create a unified impression, so that customers have a new understanding of the watch, more understanding of the watch.

Description of the watch shop design

This is a facade of the watch shop, the facade is made of the glass french window and glass door. Two brand logo signs are on the two windows to show to people. The logo sign is simple and easy for people to remember the shop. At this point, the logo is as simple as possible, the content should be deep, and easy to remember and recognize, so that consumers can be clear at a glance. Behind the windows, there are the display showcases showing the watches. The showcases are designed into the special patterns. The cabinets are at the showcases bottoms, and the led lights shine the cabinets, which is a good decoration. Then the watches are inside the showcases. When people pass by the facade, they can look at the watches and have a view on the shop inside layout and interior design. In a word, this facade and the display showcases looks very high-end and match the high-end watches business.

This is the whole view on the watch shop, which is simple but very high-end. There are wood tables to hold the glass display showcases and they are put in a “L” shape. Brevity is the best way to engage an audience. The average person can only take in so much information at once. If the viewer is in a hurry, he won't be interested unless he gets a clear message in a split second. The design of the watch display case should consider the proper display of the display case in a limited space, so that the display case can better display the goods in a limited space. In the limited time and space, so that the audience to obtain the most effective information.

At the right part, there is one table and chairs are made of deep blue for customers to have a rest. The flower and the catalogue on the table, which is a good decoration here, and staff and customers can communicate well. The table and chairs can match the shop hue very much.

Two sides wall are decorated in solid wood, which is very high-end and classic. The left side is designed into the wall shelves to display the special decorations, some gifts and something representative, which can show the grade of the watch shop, and let customers can feel the shop relieve. The right side is designed into the display cabinet hanging the wall to show the watch too.

This is the inside part of the watch shop. Two solid wood tables with the glass on the top to protect the tables and make it clear and high-end. The books of the watches on the table for customers to learn about the knowledge and know the watch catalogue. The big table is to hold the showcases to display the watches too, and the flowers in the middle. There is one short tea table and chairs inside this area for treating customers. The wall is designed well, which is solid wood and white baking paint. Then the big logo sign is on the white wall and the big watch poster is in the middle of the wall. When customers come into the watch shop, their first sight is on the big poster. There is still one display showcases near the poster. This area is for the customers who enjoy the tea and can see the goods too. Besides, There is the pictures decorates the wall too.

In conclusion

The competition in the watch industry is very fierce, and the homogenization competition in the watch industry is becoming increasingly obvious. If the store image is featureless and regular, it will lack the attraction to let customers into the store. Watch stores should have their own characteristics and personality, with a unique style to attract customers' attention.