In this era of the prevalence of mobile phones, communication between people has become very fast, and communication can be carried out without face-to-face. Mobile phones make our free life modern and convenient. From these aspects, you can experience our rapid development, such as navigation, notepad, Internet access, calendar, alarm clock, calculator, recording, player... multiple functions are witnessing human progress. Mobile phones can also be used for shopping. When you don’t want to go to the street, you can directly use your mobile phone to shop. This sometimes saves us a lot of time.

A fashionable mobile phone shop decoration design can attract the attention of customers, so as to bring more benefits to their own mobile phone store, so how to correctly decorate the mobile phone store?

Mobile Phone Shop Decoration Points

1. Wall Design:

The wall design of the mobile phone shop is mainly reflected in the wall decoration and color selection. In the decoration of the mobile phone shop, we should pay attention to the choice of theme style and color. The wall is an important part of the mobile phone store's three-dimensional space display. Customers usually look at the walls of the store at the first sight. So the wall is a good platform for flat display in the store. We need to make special use of it. First of all, we decorate from the cost point of view, only need to consider the use of wallpaper, paint painting and then or the backplate. The other is that luxury decoration can use modern multimedia technology, such as LED TV. We will increase the three-dimensional and multi-dimensional space sense of the shop. The decoration effect drawing of the mobile phone shop is an ideal one.

2. Lighting Design:

In the decoration of the mobile phone shop, we should pay attention to the design of decoration lighting. Neither too bright nor too dark. If it is too bright, it will make people unable to stop; If it is too dark, it will make people feel depressed and low; Therefore, indoor lighting can directly affect the atmosphere in the store, and the intensity of the lights in the store should make consumers feel relaxed and bright; Neither too bright nor too dark. Proper lighting in the store can not only render the atmosphere of the store. More importantly, it can highlight the display of goods and enhance the display effect. It can also improve the working environment of salespersons and improve labor efficiency. Therefore, we should pay attention to the lighting effect when designing.

3. Interior Layout:

The Interior layout is very important for shops. Therefore, whether it is the cash register, repair desk, service desk, or mobile phone display cabinet, all need to be placed reasonably and clearly. Customers can clearly see the pattern of the store when they enter the store so that customers will have a good impression of the store.

phone store design

Phone Accessories Display Showcase

The whole style of the mobile phone shop is wood grain and black. Make the whole shop more natural and harmonious. This mobile phone shop mainly sells Ipads, mobile phones, computers, and mobile phone accessories. Different products have different display cabinets. Ipads and mobile phones use a wood grain display table with shapes. The wood grain display table next to it is also used to display computers. Wall display cabinets are placed on the walls of the shop to display mobile phone accessories. We use plywood and wood laminate for the display cabinet of the shop.

How much the phone shop will cost?

The price based on shop design and size. how many displays stands in the shop, and what size of the phone displays. And the style of the display is also important for the price. If you want the same display stands and have an accurate size, we can offer an accurate price for you. If you want to get a new one, we will design a new one for you. We can add your own idea, your logo to the design. After you satisfy the design, then we will offer an accurate price for you.

How long will you receive the phone displays?

The design time will take the3-5working days; the production will take 22-25 working days, the shipping time based on your country and which transportation will you want.