Optical shop store design, a prosperous optical shop. The decoration is not necessarily magnificent, but there is often a good shop design to highlight its own characteristics, which is a prerequisite for attracting customers. As an industry that serves most students, the optical shop has its unique requirements in decoration. The overall design generally includes four key points of decoration: the service desk, the display area, light, layout, Optometry Room, and so on.

Next, I will introduce a shop design to you from all aspects. 


The main style of the optical shop is the modern industrial style which is made of metal and wooden. The style is very popular these years and will make the whole shop design more unique and professional.  Industrial style of furniture style is mainly simple, practical, and attractive. The characteristic of the industrial style is that everything is simple, and most of the colors are mainly pure colors and primary colors. You can see that the main color of this 3d design is wood grain color, and then it is matched with a black metal frame.

optical store design

Display Stand

The display stand is very important to open the optical store. The display stands have many different shapes for the shop. The one side has a display table to display the sunglasses. There is a mirror nearby the display table, and customers can see try to wear the glasses in a mirror. These are two display stands which have a space to store the goods.

Middle of the optical store, have the display stand can display the glasses from two sides, and will make the people see it clearly. From the bottom of the display stand, will have many storages for the cabinet.

From one side, there is a unique display shelving and customer can see it clearly and can wear the glasses by themselves.

More display stand you can have, optical display stand

sunglasses store


The layout of the optical store is very clear, one side is to display the glasses, the middle has a row of the display stand to display the sunglasses. The opposite side will have the display table, display shelving, and the optometry room. The small optical store has enough space to put all of the furniture that you needed.

Light Design

The lighting is to make the light of the whole shop brighter. The light we use must be in harmony with the indoor tone. For popular models and flagship products, lighting is very important. Because this lighting can highlight the characteristics of the product.

In addition, lighting can also decorate the entire store, which can make the store look more attractive. You can see that most of the lights in this design are gathered on the top, which makes the top look more conspicuous.

Optometry room

For the optometry room, we set aside a space for optometry, so that it is more convenient for customers to buy glasses. Outside the optometry, the room is the shape of the mirror frame and the logo. The shape of the frame can be a white acrylic shape, preferably a luminous shape. If you want better results, it is recommended to use stainless steel luminescence. LOGO can directly use non-luminous acrylic.

optical interior store design

Order Process

  • If you want to get a new 3d design for your shop, you can contact our sales who can get back all of your ideas to our designers. We can display all of your needs on the 3d design, then you will see the whole effect that with all of your ideas.
  • After you satisfy the 3d design and confirmed every detail, we need to start to produce.
  • Test Quality
  • Before shipping, received all of the payment.

Production Process

The production includes the four steps. The first one is to make the wooden display counters . During the step, we need to cut the board firstly and assemble it into a wooden cabinet. The second step is to polish the surface and make the surface more smooth. The third step is to stick the veneer and do the white baking paint. The final step is to install the logo, light strip, sockets, and some accessories.

custom shop fixture


The package includes the outside package and interior package. In the interior package, we use the EPE foam to pack the edge and corner of the display counter and use the film to fix it. For the outside package, we use the MDF to make.

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