Anyone who invests in opening a store is to make a profit. Of course, maternal and child entrepreneurs are no exception. Maternal and child stores can definitely make a lot of profits if you have the right direction. If you want to start a infant clothing shop or baby product retail store, this page will give your some sparkle ideas.

Useful Tips to Open the Babiesrus

The first thing the mother and baby shop for is the selection of products.

Choose The Right Products

Milk powder:Milk powder is a fast-selling product and is consumed very quickly. It is almost a necessity for every baby, especially for those babies who are fed pure milk powder, at least 4 cans of milk powder are needed a month. This also increases the profit of the store.

Of course, the types of milk powder are also divided into styles. If you sell milk powder in currency, almost every company has it, and the profit is relatively thin. But this is a drainage product, which can drive the sales of other products; and if it is a self-operated product, the profit is relatively good. But the premise is guaranteed quality.

Clothing:The profit of clothing is also very considerable, provided that there is a stable and reliable supply channel. Only comfortable fabrics will make customers remember this shop and win customers' favor.

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Nutrition and health products: Nutritional health products are the main products of many maternal and child stores. But there is a drawback that this kind of product does not go in volume, and professional product knowledge is also required. Because you need to have a certain grasp of the baby's common problems, and there is a certain amount of after-sales service. Only in this way can consumers be convinced. In this area, it takes time to accumulate slowly. Then combined with the service advantages of the store itself, in this way can we win more trust from customers.

Diapers: Diapers are also FMCG. Moreover, the profit is extremely low, and one package does not make much money.Some other products, such as toys, complementary foods, snacks, cars, and beds, can all be sold. Different products have high and low profits.

All in all, self-operated products have high profits, but they need to be promoted vigorously. Currency products have low profits and are easy to sell.

Find A Good Location

Address, everyone will choose an area with a lot of traffic. For example, the bustling streets and some stores in shopping malls. These are very important to do the business. If your capital is not enough, you need consider the place that suits you.

Attractive Interior Decoration

The window display needs to be placed in the first place, which is the main attraction of the store. If space permits, you can put your baby’s bed or house on the window display. The decoration of the door should be decorated according to your own logo or the color of the main body. The main colors of this maternity shop are blue and white. So its door is mainly blue.

Buy Top Quality Retail Store Fixtures 

To build an attractive retail store, the shopfitting is always the most important issue, whether you are using glass display cases, wooden display cabinet or stainless steel counter , you will always make a proper design with suitbale arrangements. 

Layout of stands

  • A good layout makes people feel unobstructed, transparent, and safe.First, you need to classify each area. Let customers have a better choice. These need to be considered according to the size of the store.
  • The second is the location of the cash register and professional consultation area. We need to put it in a more obvious position. This facilitates communication with customers and understands customer needs more clearly.
  • For some activities, gifts can also be placed near the checkout counter, so that the clerk can guide the purchase.

Size and Structure of the Display Stand

There are many sizes of display racks, generally, the length is 1200mm, 900mm, and 600mm. You can choose according to your actual situation. For the structure of the display rack, there should be small spotlights under each display rack, which can highlight the advantages of the product. The location of the display stands is also placed according to the store layout.

There are many cases we have done.

Next, I will introduce the Maternal and infant Shop Interior Design to you.

Shop Interior Design

Colour Design

The main color theme of this shop is white, blue and wood grain. These colors are very pure and clean. The experience will be very good.

Reception desk Options

The shape of the reception desk is semicircular, and a front is a place for displaying toys, or some promotional products, which can also be placed in front of the cashier.

Display Stand & Shelving

Some square and round display windows were installed on the walls. You can put some hot-selling products or certificates. There are also animal patterns on the walls, which will make the whole shop more innocent.

There are different styles of display shelving throughout the shop. There are house-shaped display racks and display shelvings fixed on the wall. The middle of the shop also has metal with blue baking paint. There are much display stands with a house shape in the store, because it can attract more attention from the moms and babies.


The main material of the whole shop furniture is MDF and the metal. Most of the layers, reception desk, and some display stands are MDF, the surface we will use the baking pint and veneer. Some house frame is made of the metal, and the surface we use the baking paint.The logo is made of stainless steel, and it is lighted. You also have some other logo styles, we also can assist you to do it.

About the Ant Display

Ant Display focuses on customizing commercial furniture like the mall kiosk, shop fixtures. We have a professional design team and can do these with all of your needs. We will show all of your needs on the 3d design firstly after you satisfy it, we will produce.

For order process

  • You can contact our sales firstly, and tell them all of your needs for the whole shop. Then our sales will get back all of your ideas to our designers. The designer will discuss all of the details and work out a solid plan for you.
  • After you got the 3d design, you will see the whole idea on the 3d design. You will know the whole effect, and the shops will how to look.
  • After you confirm all of the details, we will start to produce.
  • Received the 50% deposit before production, and received the rest payment before shipping.

There are many shop fixtures you can choose from,  DISPLAY SHELVES & RACKS