candy store display stand

Are you still thinking about what kind of business to do in the new year? Maybe you can try to open a candy store! Recently, many customers are asking about the furniture in the candy store, because it is September now, and Christmas is still three months away. We all know that candies are indispensable for celebrating Christmas, and every shop buys a lot of candies. At this time, the demand for candy is very large. Because the consumer group of the candy store is mainly children, the design style is generally very interesting and colorful, usually with some interesting shapes and toys as decoration.Before you open a candy store, the first thing you have to consider is the style of the store.


Today i want to share you a fantastic candy shop interior design we did for Serbia customer, just shipped last month, here share you have a look:


This candy store not big, it is 7m by 6m.this candy store used many different colors, green,yellow, blue, red and pink, whole shop looks very fantastic. after enter the candy store, you will firstly see

Some Stacked bowls shape fountain display stands in different color, they mainly used to display some Candies and snacks in bulk, they comes with 3 layers, here children can touch the candies.Near the window has a Lollipop in the shape of a cane,it looks very fancy.Against left and right side wall have different color wall display cabinet for candy and nut display.then keep go inside you will find a green Snail shelf with hooks, you can used it to display some packed candies which can hang.keep inside you will find a curved shape cash counter, it have shelves outside, inside has cabinet for storage.Back of the cash counter you will find a big heart shape wall cabinet with many shelves,when you see it will feel this shop is welcome you use sincere heart.Through this shop size not big, but you can find it have several different kinds display stands and cabinets, they are suitable for different kinds of candies, very functional.They are mainly used MDF wood, surface did different colors paint, added nice led light. do you like this kind design idea?


Well, if you also want to open a candy shop, what’s the progress to start?

  1. The first thing you need to do is find a food shop rent.Near the shop have a lot of children will be better.and near you have no candy shops
  2. Then you need to do is find a design team help create your shop design. You need check your shop size, what go what kind style, what what kind colors, how to layout etc, then they will follow your needs to design this shop for you see effect.
  3. After design ok and confirmed then you need find a supplier to help you create these furniture follow design and drawing.


When design the your candy shop, you need take these places into consideration:

  1. The shop furniture layout

How to layout is the most reasonable?how to use space maximum?these are what you need think.You need make full use of space at same time couldn’t make your shop seem narrow,so layout is important.

  1. your candy shop furniture design need be functional

When you decide your furniture style, you need think you will have what kind candies ,what kind products, they suitable use what kind display. And also need have enough storage area.

  1. According to your budget to design

Your budget is important, if it is limit, we can go some cost-effective and functional model; if your budget enough, we can do something more fancy.


Ant display limited is a company specialize in designing and building customized shop furniture.Here we can help you create the candy shop design as your needs, we have professional design team, and with our own factory,can help you build the furniture and send you.