When you walk on the street, you will find more and more people wearing glasses. Due to the use of high-tech products such as computers and mobile phones, people's lives have been facilitated, and more and more people have become nearsighted. In addition to myopia glasses, contact lenses, and reading glasses, the demand for sunglasses is also increasing. So you will find more and more optical shops open. Its really good a good choice to start your business.

Why We Need to Decorate the Optical Shop?

But with the development and growth of the optical industry, more and more optical shops can be found everywhere in the market. The competition in this industry is very intense. So how can we make our own shop more distinctive? First, we need to decorate the optical shop.

How to Design and Decorate?

Reasonable Design Space

The overall space design in the store needs to be very reasonable. Because most customers first need to find what they want to buy when entering the store, the overall design should be able to guide customers to buy. If the design is unreasonable and customers cannot find the product they want for a long time, then they will get bored. In this case, customers will have a very bad impression of the image of the entire store.

Brand Category

Stores can divide different brands and prices into different areas, so that customers can quickly find products to purchase. There is usually an image wall in the store, and the optical shop needs to be carefully designed during the decoration, which represents the brand and image of the entire store. The image wall is very important for the entire store. The design of the image wall should be able to leave a deep impression on the customers, thus establishing its own brand image invisibly.


There is usually a counter in front of the image wall, and the counter is also a very important link. We need to pay attention to the shape and color of the counter. All of these need to be done with their own characteristics to facilitate the provision of various services to customers.

Lighting Design

For indoor lighting design, brighter lights are generally used, not too dark. You can choose according to the color of the room.


For the overall color selection of the interior, try to be as simple as possible. If there are too many colors in the store, the overall feeling for customers is that the store is messy and there is no main color. Of course, there is no need to use one color to design, you can boldly carry out innovative designs. Our design must look uniform, so that customers feel the store is very tidy.

Attach the Optical Shop Design as a Reference

See this shop, it used dark grey wood color match white, whole shop looks modern and high-end. After enter the optical shop, you will find the left and right side are wall display shelves and cabinets at bottom for storage.On display area added nice led light, looks very bright and shine. The middle are low display showcase, back is a cash counter. This optical shop is not big, but you will find it is very functional and nice.

optical store design

How to start an optical shop business?

Many customers who first time to start the business will feel confused how to start the business, here i want to share some my ideas:

  • Firstly, before you start, you need discussed with landlord to find a good location. If you ready to open in mall then the location face the Mall corridor better, if on street, you’d better find a location where have a lot people pass away or near school.
  • Second, you need check your shop size and go what kind style for your shop. You can think your shop need go what color, what kind style, inside you need display what kind products etc.
  • Third, you need to find a professional design team to help you design the shop as your needs and arrange layout, then you can see effect
  • Fourth, you need find a professional supplier to help you build the inside furniture then ship to you.

Very happy to tell you,Ant display limited is one this kind company, we can do design and customize inside furniture for you. We have an experienced design team and professional production team, can help you create the optical shop you want!

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