The window display is a glass window showcase to display the brand image, new products, focused model. It's not only a part of the compartment of the retail store but also an important channel to transfer the new products to the market and promote the market. Generally speaking, 70% of people understand objective things depend on vision and 20% on hearing. A good window display can mobilize the visual nerve of consumers to the greatest extent, achieve the inducing purpose, and guiding consumers to buy commodities.

What is Window Display?

Ingenious collocation and unforgettable effect are the essences of window design. "Let the consumer stay in the shop window for 7 seconds, and you will get twice as many deals as the competing brands.". A brand window display, in addition to the brand's cultural heritage, but also a high degree of aesthetic visual enjoyment. Good window design is a silent advertisement for clothing brands. For example, some international famous brands always have their own characteristics in window design, which can directly create a perfect brand image for their own brand goods.

The focus of a shop display design is window design, and the focus of window design is how to make creative windows. The shop window is not only an integral part of the overall decoration of the shop but also the first exhibition hall of the store. It is a comprehensive advertising art form for the introduction and promotion of commodities by skillfully using the scenery and props, with the background picture decoration as the foil, and with appropriate lighting, color, and text description.

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Smart window display design is not a simple thing. in order to highlight the brand style, many big brands often find a professional design team to delicate design a windows display to meet their marketing needs. The window display store fixtures are not only a part of the shop facade but also shows the brand's main products in this season through limited space.  Because Window display design directly determines whether consumers will enter the store or not, and at the same time, affects consumers' purchasing mood.

Most passersby, Before they entering the store, they usually browse the window intentionally or unintentionally. Therefore, the design and promotion of the window have an important impact on consumers' purchasing emotions.

Three Methods of  Creative Window Display Design

The design of the window should first highlight the characteristics of the goods, and at the same time, make the window layout and product introduction conform to the general psychological behavior of consumers, that is, let consumers have a sense of beauty and comfort after watching, and have a good feeling and yearning mood for the goods. Good window layout can not only introduce goods, guide consumption, and promote sales, but also become an art masterpiece in front of the shop to attract passers-by.

Implication and Association

The implication and association can use part of the pictographic form to arouse consumers' associations with the form and modality of a certain environment, a certain plot, a certain object, a certain figure, and a certain character, so as to arouse consumers' various associations and produce some spiritual communication and resonance, so as to show the various characteristics of commodities.

Using Exaggeration and Humor

Reasonable exaggeration obviously exaggerates the characteristics and personality of goods, emphasizes the essence of things, and gives people new and peculiar psychological feelings. Appropriate humor can give more cordial to the passers-by. The competition between the animal world and the product's warpage highlights the weight of the product and increases the sense of humor in the window design. Two elephants are not enough then two elephants? A large ostrich is in the window, which is enough to attract the attention of passers-by, with a delicate bag in its mouth. These are humorous and exaggerated techniques, the huge pieces of glass to focus on the central position, a strong visual impact on passers-by, visual attraction to the product.

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Direct Display Products

The props and background should be reduced to the minimum, and the commodities can speak by themselves. Through folding display racks, pulling, folding, hanging, and stacking of commodities, the shape, texture, color, and style of commodities can be fully displayed. The product is placed directly in the window, and the simple backplate is unified with the product color, which highlights the latest product of this color system. The product is repeatedly and regularly hung in the window, which is unified, coordinated, and has a visual impact. Simple a few groups of products, different positions, and different color products, so that space is more flexible. This more fully demonstrates the content of the product.

Three Common Window Display Functions

Window display plays an important role in the retail store business, whether you are starting a jewelry retail shop or opening a clothing store, you should never neglect the function of the window display showcase area. Because Only when customers come to the store can the trade starts. The following are three common ways and functions of the window display.

Commercial: Express Goods to Consumers

The window is the first exhibition hall of the store. Consumers can intuitively understand the main style of the brand in this season through the goods displayed in the window. For consumers who don't know the brand, window display can directly stimulate their purchase desire.

Promotion: Stimulate Consumers' Desire to Buy

This feature of the window greatly helps shops to solve the pain point of no place to place sales information, making the window become an important channel for consumers to obtain shop information.

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Concept: Advertising for Brand

The window is also a fixed advertising space of the shop, through the window display to intuitively display the shop's consignment goods. The form of window advertising is closer to consumers and the cost is lower. Brand advertising often reflects the core culture and brand style of the brand. It is better to have a multimedia display. Consumers can have a deep impression of the brand type and style through the cognition obtained from the window. At this time, the quality of window design directly affects the status of the brand in the minds of consumers

15 Tips on Create Winning Window Displays

How to design a wonderful window displays? how to attract your potential customer in the most efficient way? How to level up your brand by great window displays? Whether you are running a jewelry store, clothing fashion shop, or shoe store, As long as you are in the retail business, you should pay more attention to window display area. Here are 15 tips that will help you create a wonderful window display area. 

1.Pay attention to the color matching, otherwise, it will reduce the overall aesthetic feeling, and even make people feel messy and dirty;

2. Determine The shop theme, which can make the displayed goods receive unexpected effects;

3. The best way to display goods is to mark the price so that people can have a "bottom" in their hearts.

4. It should not be regarded as art to be artistic. After all, a commodity is a commodity. It should pay attention to reality and put an end to exaggeration and other unrealistic practices;

5. Don't put high-end goods and low-grade goods together. Sometimes, although the decoration is very good, it will make people feel uncomfortable because of the price. Customers will unconsciously compare the price and easily lead to transaction failure.

6. In order to attract customers and increase their memory, it is necessary to put up signs in the display window where they can see clearly;

7. What attracts customers is not the display of a large number of goods. If you are too greedy for the types and numbers, it will have adverse effects, which may make people feel confused, which is no different from the warehouse;

8. The display must also pay attention to the customer's level needs;

9. In terms of color matching, in order to give full play to the aesthetic feeling, the larger the display cabinet is, the more special personnel are needed to color it;

10. We should not pursue too many central points to attract customers' interest. One or two points are enough;

11. We must try our best to make the presentation beneficial to the appreciation and choice of the main customers;

12. Lighting doesn't cost a lot of money. There's no need to let the shadow of goods be everywhere in order to save that money. If the lamps installed in the display window are suitable for day and night, it is effective;

13. Change at least two to three times a month, and more importantly, keep the windows and shelves fresh

14. Focus on the place where customers can reach their eyes. Don't let them stretch their necks to watch the products. It's better to let them look at the products while walking easily, and naturally introduce the position you want them to reach first;

15. Don't think that through the so-called expert authority, the goods that have been set can't be changed. The arrangement of goods can't take the road of formalization. As long as the customers are easy to see, choose, and buy, and can meet the scope of free activities, customer satisfaction is the standard.

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After understanding the core role of the window, we can understand why the merchants make great efforts in the window design. The design of the window should follow the consumer-centered design principle, that is, the layout of the window and the introduction of the goods should conform to the general psychological behavior of consumers, and consumers should have a sense of beauty and comfort after seeing it and have a good impression on the goods. On this basis, highlight the characteristics of the goods, and explain the brand concept to consumers in a different way, so as to ultimately achieve the role of introducing goods, guiding consumption and promoting sales.