coffee shop design

Coffee shops are an ideal place for people to relax because people can temporarily get rid of work and life pressure. Many people get rich by opening coffee shops, and even open-chain coffee shops in different cities to win more customers. Particularly, it is a good idea to make a unique coffee shop design, which can improve the brand value of a coffee shop. And people will leave a deep impression and express the shop to their friends.

Most coffee shop furniture includes a service counter, wall cabinet, and seating area. However, I want to share another kind of coffee shop, which will provide more ideas for your store decoration. It is good to display showcase and sell many products. Such as cigarettes, snacks, hot coffee, fruits and vegetables, candy, and cakes. People can buy many items in the store, which is more like a daily food store.

coffee shop furniture

Coffee shop furniture layout

The coffee shop size is 25 long and 12’7” wide, looks like an “irregular trapezoid” shape. The upper and lower bottoms of the “trapezoid” are entrances with doors. And the waist of the “trapezoid” is the wall of the shop, which can be used for display cabinets and posters. We can place coffee shop furniture according to the shop size to get a good display effect and for convenient usage. We can also add a light lamp on the furniture to attract eyes attention and show the goods well.

Wall cabinet

The coffee furniture size is a total of 20ft long and 2ft wide. It has two kinds of display shelves. One style is a wall display shelf, while another style is a display stand with a slat wall. The Booth at the top has two layers of open cabinets to show and keep items, and the bottom area has lock cabinets for storage. The difference is the middle area, the display shelf has multi-layer shelves to showcase items. There is a slatted wall display stand on the display stand, which can hang candies and snacks. They work together to display different products. Under the counter table has lock cabinets, we can restore more products here as it has movable shelves inside.

Display Table and shelf

It consists of a glass display counter, wood shelf, wall cabinets, and brand logo. An L shape counter with a glass shelf near the entrance, it mainly uses to place cigarettes. We can also put a POS system here for check out. The back wall has a display shelf with a brand logo on the top mainly use to place snacks. Next to it is another glass counter for showcase donuts. On the countertop is a coffee machine, behind it is a wall cabinet with adjustable shelves to showcase bread and ready food. We can put up posters here for advertising.

coffee display counter

Center display stand

You must notice these two ellipse shape display stands. It is designed according to customers' ideas. This center display stand has two layers to place vegetables and fruits. Each size is 10’x3’6”. Very large center display and can place many products.

Wall decoration

The owner wants a simple and useful coffee shop design, so it doesn’t show wall decoration and light decoration in the design. However, when opening our coffee shop, please don’t ignore them. As the brand logo with posters makes people leave a deep impression on people. And the ceiling light makes the shop looks better and highlights the products in a coffee shop.

More information

Coffee shop furniture color

The main colors of the coffee shop are brown and white. Because it matches the color of the coffee bee, it makes customers feel comfortable and welcome. We can also choose other colors like gray, gold and black color to makes the shop high-end. The color of the stone reflects the theme of the store, and satisfying the tastes of consumers will win greater development.

Material introduction

Main material: MDF

Surface material: Semi-matte baking paint and shiny baking paint

Kicking: Stainless steel

Logo: Acrylic or wood

Other materials: 8mm tempered glass, LED light strip, lightbox painting, hardware, Aluminum channel plate, etc.

We can also change the main material to Plywood with a wood finish to get a better effect. As for customized coffee shop furniture, the shop furniture can make the same as the owner's thoughts. In this case, we can make a 3D design first to see how the coffee shop furniture looks like. Besides, when the details show in the design drawing, we can see a good place for furniture. And can even make small changes to get a good solution and confirm a wonderful shop design to start. Please don't worry if you are not sure about the decoration style, just send us the floor plan of your coffee shop. The design team will come up with unique design ideas and complete a 3D design for your confirmation.