How to Open the Food Shop Successfully for A New Brand? There are more and more entrepreneurs now, and many young people are starting their own businesses. We all know that doing business has a certain degree of risk, so what should we do if we want to successfully open a food store.

#1. Address selection

We need to find a better location based on our budget. Of course, it is not advisable to find a store with a golden belt if the rent is too high. A small business like a food store requires careful consideration of address. You can either start a food kiosk in the shopping mall or open a small restaurant in the business street.

Regarding a good location, a shop in the city center does not necessarily have to be a good location for a new brand. You can choose according to your preferred consumer groups. If it is the first time to do business, it is recommended not to choose too expensive lots. When your store business stabilizes, you can go to a better location with the working capital of support.

#2. Good customer service

Good service can make customers more deeply impressed by our shop. We can have a cordial chat with customers, especially the elderly. This way they will be impressed with our shop. When they chat with their friends, they can advertise to our friends for free. Communicate more with customers, and the store image will naturally improve. In this case, repeat customers will increase.

Nowadays there are many food shops. Under this kind of competition, we must achieve the same price ratio service, the same service ratio quality, and strive to be the best in order to achieve a win-win situation.

#3. Guarantee good quality

For example, the taste of snacks or food. We need a good and delicious taste to easily win the recognition of consumers. For example, in terms of the taste of food and snacks, a good taste can ensure that investors can meet the purchasing needs of different consumers. Only in this way can revenue be increased.

candy store

#4. Positioning of consumer groups

The correct positioning of the consumer group refers to the positioning of the potential consumer group of the product.

This positioning is multifaceted, for example,

  • In terms of age, there are middle-aged and small;
  • In terms of gender, there are men and women;
  • According to the level of consumption, there are high and low points;
  • According to different occupations.

To accurately locate the consumer group, it is necessary to continuously satisfy the consumers according to their psychology and purchase motives, according to their different needs. Throughout the history of world economic development, every major industry change will have an impact on consumer awareness and behavior. It is also potentially or forcibly changing consumers' consciousness, behavior, and aesthetics, forming new industrial categories or creating powerful companies.

The analysis of consumer behavior does not require us to meet the needs of all consumers but to find the most suitable consumer groups that best match the food shop style. Our aim is to focus our operations to meet the needs of these consumers and obtain more profit.

For food, students and young white-collar workers are the two main players in the snack market.

  • The consumption power of the student market is low, but the consumption is huge;
  • While white-collar workers have a high amount of one-time consumption and have high requirements for snacks.

Therefore, our products must be exquisite enough to attract customers' attention.

food store

#5.  Interior Decoration

Shop design

If you don’t know how to decorate, but you want to integrate your ideas into the whole shop. At this time, you need to design the entire store first, and then look at the overall effect. You first need to tell the designer what your main color is and what you want to express. Our designer will arrange it according to your ideas.

Ant Display is a supplier specializing in customized commercial furniture. Before production, we will also assist you to design the shop so that you can see the overall effect. When you are satisfied, we will produce furniture.

Here are some of the food store designs we made.

Choose decoration materials.

Decoration materials are a place where decoration costs more. But good decoration does not require all high-end decoration materials to be purchased. Generally, higher-grade materials should be selected in important places, and durable materials can be used in other places.


candy store layout

the most important thing is to divide each area well and classify it. Only by making good use of the space in a reasonable way can we better save costs and give customers a better sense of experience.

Cashier counter: The cashier counter is very important in the shop. We need to make the space more huge and widen. Because many customers need to line up and settle accounts, so we need to make a good impression for them. If your shop is huge and has many customers, we suggest that you can arrange the 3-5 places for the cashier.

Click here, and get more reception desk 3d design as a reference

Display area: the food shop will have many different types of food like cookies, candy, nuts, bread, milk, and others. Different food will have different display stands to show. The color and shape are very important for the whole store.

There are many display stands can choose from.

Eating area: In order to make the whole shop more bright and unique, a unique display stand will attract many customers also. If you have the glass window, we suggest that you put the tables and chairs here. Bar table will be more suitable for the glass window. For the wall sides, you can put the square or round table. For the color, you can choose to combine your logo color and your favorite color.

sitting area


We need to make a plan for the entire store. Then ask the price of decoration materials and furniture, make a preliminary total price, and see if it is different from what you expected. And you also know where you need to adjust, and to meet your budget.

Small Accessories Decoration

After the shop is decorated and ordered all of the shop furniture, don't rush to display the goods. We need to see where small decorations are needed in the shop, which can make the whole store more unique and beautiful.