Coffee shop design, counter, display showcase

For the coffee, it has been one popular drinks for people, and its customers are any age people, no matter young people or old people. Some drink coffee which is to avoid tired when they are working, some dink drink coffee which is just to enjoy it and have a relaxing.

Normally, there are the coffee stores in the mall or personal shop. But no matter where the shops are or what the shops are, which need to be with interior design. There is one word: Clothes make the man. It can be used at the business. For example, the products need a nice packaging, and the shops need a beautiful design. The storefront design is very important.

Description of the coffee shop design

This one coffee shop style is very modern and with its character theme. It not only just sells the coffee and also offers some cakes and other food together. Then people can taste them together. It is also a good business, because products should not be single, and a shop should take good use of itself to offer the service maximally, which is also the wise action a the business men. The  style and color of the shop is well-bedded, which is beautiful. The coffee shop size is very big, and let’s have a view on its layout. Coffee shop

Bar counter

There are many usages of the bar counter. Firstly, there is no doubt that the counter is a countertop for the staff to make the coffee, other drinks and food. Inside the countertop, the machines and foods or some equipment can be put on it, which is convenient for the staff. The shelves are installed on the back wall, then some accessories of the food or coffee can be put.

Second, the bar counter is also as a cash register, it is the most common design for many counters in many shops. Then the PC and POS, cash box are on the counter and cabinets. Customers can order and take the coffee and food from here when they need to takeaway.

Thirdly, the bar counter is as a display area. There are two tempered glass display showcase in the front to show to people. Then when people have a look at the showcase, they will buy the cakes, bread or others together. Forth, the ca counter is a storage area, because it has many cabinets for putting the equipment, material or others.

About the counter part, it is a core of a shop. At the back wall, there is one big luminous brand logo sign in the middle, which can improve the brand and image, because every shop should have its representativeness just as the name of everyone. There is one menu on the wall near the counter.

Ceiling design

The most special design of the coffee shop is the ceiling. It is just for a small area. First, its shape seems a book which is opened. But it has four windows and some small round lights on it. And one special design is like a chimney, it is from the ceiling to the table. And one fire design is inside it, customers can see it from the showcase. The design idea is very very new.

Tables and Chairs

There is one long table is below the white ceiling. The tables is made of the wood, which looks in high quality. Then some chairs are around the tables. The top part of the chair is black, and their feet is wood too. The tables and chairs are put around the coffee shop too. These are the areas of customers. Customers can choose the place they like to sit. 


The lights are also important for a shop. They can make the shop bright and can be as the decorations. They are hanging on the top of the tables, which are ambient lighting for the customers. To choose the suitable lights and lamps which depends on the shop style.

Wall decoration

Around the wall, there are some decorations. There is one another type luminous logo shape on the wall too, and some pictures in the frame hanged the on the wall. The decoration makes the shop more attractive and beautiful. About the wall decoration, you can have your own ideas, and show them according to your thoughts and the shop style.

In conclusion

About this coffee shop design, it is modern with special part. In a word, every shop has their different style and concept of positioning. The interior design for a shop is very important, which can decide the shop is popular or not. We can customize and make 3D designs according to your shop size, shape and the style you like. We are willing to listen to your ideas and try our best to meet your all needs. Besides, we will offer you our suggestions according to our experience.