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Industrial style restaurant bar counter modern wine booth used in food shop for sale

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Amazing bubble tea shop counter bubble tea kiosk used in retail bubble tea shop for sale

High-end coffee shop counter design restaurant service counter with cake display showcase

  1. this coffee shop counter used solid wood match black metal ,very high-end
  2. it back has many shelves, very functional 
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We all know that the coffee counter is a place to display products, sell coffee, order food, and check out cash. Its design will directly affect the impression of the customer's experience. So you will find that some high-end coffee shops pay great attention to the design of coffee counters. It generally matches the overall style of the store, is practical and looks very fashionable.


Today i want to share is a high-end coffee shop counter design we just finished, several customers saw it already fall in love with it.let’s see this coffee shop counter together:

It is totally 6m long, width 2m with back cabinets.Front is a long counter for sale and display,back is a long cabinet with top wall shelves for storage.Why i say it is high-end? Mainly because the color and materials used. The front counter you can see surface used is nature solid wood, countertop used black metal.the back wall comes with menus,between menus are shelves to put cups.and it also has a feature wall with illuminated logo.Whole design looks very high-end, also very functional.


Quick details for you know the coffee counter better:

  1. size:6m by 2m
  2. Materials:plywood with solid wood panels, black metal countertop
  3. Accessories:3d illuminated logos, lights, menus


Production time:after drawing and design confirmed as usually production will need 20-22 work days
Customize service:many customers will ask if i can do some changes?yeah sure, we do customize, just tell me where you want to change, your needs and size, have what machines, then we can help rearrange layout and redesign this coffee bar counter as your needs for you see effect

Easy assemble:many customers worry about assemble,afraid after received will have problems about assemble. Here i want to say, no need worry completely!because before we load we will finish all assemble, we will go wires,do electricity, add logos, menus, hardware, glass, sink etc. Just 6m by 2m bar counter too big, we couldn’t do it whole piece, we will divide it into several sections then pack them use wood boxes. We will have a guideline show how these sections position and connection, when you received just put them in right position and join wires, connect your shop electricity then can use.


If you like this coffee counter and want more details, just feel free to contact me!


More Information
Color wooden
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Dimension 6*4m
Materials solid wood, metal
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