Optical shops are very common on the street. Because the cost of frames and lenses is not particularly high, so the profit of opening an optical shop is very large. But if we want to open an optical shop, we need to consider the cost of water and electricity, equipment, decoration, procurement, labor and other costs for the physical store.  To be honest, the optical shop is a good way to obtain the profit. So we should also pay attention to the decoration of the optical shop. Good decoration and good furniture can make people have a sense of trust in the whole shop.

We need to find a good place to do business in the early stage of opening a store, because a good location can help you get more customer attention.

After choosing the location of the optical shop, the next step is to decorate the shop. The decoration must not be as expensive as possible. Really good decoration effect can attract customers and even increase transaction volume and performance. Therefore, the decoration of the optical shop is very important. It seems that there is no big difference, but it can open up the business gap invisibly.


What is the decoration process of the optical shop?

1.Clear the positioning of the optical shop

First of all, you must be clear about the positioning of your optical shop, whether it is high-end or close to the people, professional or fast consumer, whether the customer group is a student or an office crowd, etc. Different positioning determines the decoration style of the optical shop, and the tone must first be accurate.

2.Brand image establishment

If it is an eyeglass shop that you own, you must have your own brand image. The color of the brand store needs to be associated with the brand itself, which is easy for people to remember and associate, which is very important for expanding your brand in the future.

3.Determine the decoration budget

How much does it cost to renovate the optical shop? This is something you have to think about in advance, you can leave a range. But it must be based on your own will, rather than let the decoration company decide. Within the budget, choose the best decoration plan.

4.Layout requirements for optical shops

The glasses store should be placed according to the different functions and settings. For example, stores can be divided into areas for optometry, sales areas for different glasses, and display areas for brand glasses. How to place the display cabinets, how much area, etc., need to be very clear. You can leave these requirements to the designer to adjust.

5.Review of design drawings

The designer will issue design drawings based on the requirements of the above points, and then repeatedly communicate and discuss before the final decision. Design drawings generally include floor plans, renderings, circuit diagrams, etc. The drawings received in the year must be carefully reviewed to ensure that they are foolproof.

6.Sign the contract for construction

If there are no problems, you can sign a formal contract with the decoration company and start construction. In the contract, it is usually necessary to specify the construction period, cost, quality standard, delivery time, and related matters on how to resolve problems after they occur.

sunglasses display store

Here are the optical design we have done for the young people.

The optical shop use the white, red,green, and some red as a main material. Its really colorful and suit for young people.  There are many display stands, include small single display stands, some wall display cabinets, the wall display racks, window displays. These displays will be reasonable to put in the retail store.

optical store for sale

When you decide to open the optical shop, you need to find a good supplier to build the optical furniture for your shop. If you have own style about the optical shop, you can tell us. We have professional design team, can display all of your requirements on the design. Then you can make sure the whole shop it is whether you want. After you confirm the 3d design and construction drawings. Then we can start to produce the shop furniture according the construction drawings.