Cafe Design, Coffee Interior Design

Many people like to have a coffee drink. They can drink it at the coffee shop, cafe, coffee bar or take it away when the coffee has been packed in the cup. People can drink it when they feel tired or just want to relax. There are many styles of the coffee shop. What style you like which should base on the orientation of the coffee theme you need. But in general, a good interior design of a coffee shop can help you win more customers. You can take into consideration the decoration and know what style you want.

Description of the coffee shop

Firstly, to think about the coffee shop layout, because the layout is also important for a shop when you make a plan of the layout, you can know which area for installing what decorations. Look at this one coffee shop, there are coffee bar counter, tables for customers area display stands, and other decorations. The coffee shop style is a little retro with reminiscence emotions. The hue of the shop is warm.

Coffee bar counter

From this view of the picture, we can see one big door is on the right side and the coffee bar counter is against the door. It is when customers do inside the door, they can see the coffee car counter directly. This part design is very common for many stores. The bar counter has many functions for the store. First, it is a countertop for the staff to serve the customers. Second, It is also a cash register for customers to order the coffee and another item here, and staff charges the fee from here too. Third, what special is that the design is like the counter in the bar because there are many chairs around the counter for customers to sit together. Customers can just sit here near the bar with friends and order coffee or other items like beer to drink together. Besides, it offers a chance for strangers to meet each other, because positions are close, and customers can talk directly.

The coffee bar counter is the core of the shop. The counter is blue and the top is wood and for customers. There are many glass cups and machines on the countertop. Some display cabinets are against the back wall to display some beautiful and colorful liquor bottles and other items. This is a wonderful decoration part of the coffee shop. A frame is on the ceiling with many hanging lights, and it is a embellish of the counter. In addition, the cabinets of the counter can storage many things. It takes good use of the counter.

Tables and chairs

For a shop, the tables and chairs for customers are the important part. The tables and chairs are simple, which is wood decoration and stainless steel. It matches the style of the coffee shop. And the soft sofa is against the wall, customers can choose the place they sit and enjoy their coffee and other food. Not only this, they can have a short rest and chat with friends here, it is a good leisure occasion in such style warm coffee shop.

Display shelves

Some display shelves against the wall as decorations. The shelves also display some interesting things to let customers have good visual enjoyment. The display shelves can be customized in any shape you like, which can show something you want, such as different coffee materials catalog and some beautiful items. When customers visit your shop, they can learn about your coffee shop.

The wall design

The wall is decorated with some white tiles, and the blue wall is on the sofa side. There are some logo signs or words are on the wall to show the coffee shop theme. One blackboard with some context on it to express some views near the bar counter. You can write anything you want such as the introduction of the coffee shop.

The light decoration

There are many lights in the coffee shop and they are warm and around the counter and customers area. The light style you can choose for the shop. Different lights have different effects on the shop. The lights also divide into cold and warm on for different usage and occasions.

The coffee shop design

A good design can show a good shop style. So design is important and should be the first step. You need to have the interior design and can start to finish the shop. How to do it? It is very easy. Please contact us to talk about your floor plan size, your ideas of the layout, and the style you like. Our designer will make a 3D design base on your thoughts. Or we can offer you suggestions if you have no ideas about the design. The design fee depends on the size of your store, but this will be returned when you place the order from us. It is free to design in fact and A retro design style of the coffee shop must has its story and feelings.

If you are interested in interior design please read more of our passages or contact us to learn more details.