The reception desk, as the name suggests, is the place to receive customers. Front desk reception is one of the positions in modern enterprises, usually responsible for customer visits and registration, telephone transfer and other matters. This encyclopedia will introduce you to the reception desk design concept, reception desk layout design, reception desk production, reception desk size standards, reception desk material and other information.

1/ Reception desk design concept


  •  1. The design of a reception desk needs to consider many things, the image of the company, the environment around the reception desk, the height and size of the reception desk, etc.
  •  2. To represent the company's image, be beautiful, attractive and practical.
  •  3. Design a unique sense of concept based on the company's philosophy and longing goals.

2/ Reception desk size standard

  •  1. There is no standard size, and it is designed according to the actual engineering space.
  •  2. The company's modern reception desk has a height of 800, a length of 1500, and a depth of 600, with 1200 remaining inside.

3/ Reception desk material

 Reception desks are classified by barriers and are generally divided into marble front desks, painted front desks, solid wood front desks and panel front desks.

 Most of the marble reception desks are arranged in the expansive one-story office lobby. The marble reception desk is the most high-end material. The price of a set of marble materials ranges from 10,000 to tens of thousands of yuan. The price is usually high because of the high-end.

 The second place is the baking paint front desk. The baking paint front desk's base material is the MDF surface sprayed with environmentally friendly paint. After repeated baking in the paint booth, the front desk's colour after moulding is bright, smooth, and gorgeous.

 The front desk of solid wood type is relatively rare. The artistry is MDF with solid wood leather, and the craftsmanship is the same as the solid wood desk and solid wood manager desk.

 The most economical is, of course, the front desk. The environmentally-friendly sheet material above the national E1 level is top-grade and is often used in combination with steel brackets. Small and medium-sized companies favour their diverse styles, simplified structure, and economic benefits.

 Front desk materials:

  •  1. MFC board, thickness 25mm, E1 base substrate, formaldehyde emission conforms to international standards, easy to clean surface, electrostatic spray treatment surface, a variety of fabrics are available, colour matching or monochrome;
  •  2. Substrate: Imported high-density particleboard and fiberboard are selected from imported medium and office furniture stores, which have strong bending resistance and are not easy to deform;
  •  3. Edge banding: imported the same colour PVC straight edge banding (thickness 2mm) PVC edge banding colours are available for selection: the reception table price A. same table board colour, B. black, C. grey, please confirm the edge banding colour when ordering,
  •  It has not been confirmed that it is made in the same colour as usual, and the material (metal and wood chips) can be used for energy regeneration;
  •  4. Metal fittings: locks, guide rails, door hinges, handles, casters are all made of Taiwanese metal fittings.

4/ How to make the reception desk

  •  1. According to the different materials, the reception desk can be divided into paint type and paint-free type. Whether it is a paint-free reception desk or a painted front reception desk can be used with other materials. Other common surface materials are glass, stone, aluminium-plastic panels, and stainless steel are also very popular in reception counter fabrication.
  •  2. What kind of reception desk do you want? Here is the key. Only understand what material you need to get the best idea of the build procedure!
  • reception-desk-beauty-salon-reception-counter-modern_1_.jpg

5/ Reception counter layout design

 A good reception table design can enhance the company's image and its employees and please the mood of the host and guest, which will surely win specific business opportunities for the company. What issues should be paid attention to in the design of different styles of reception desks? The use of materials is the most influential factor, and in terms of details, the most important thing is the exquisiteness of some materials. The office decoration reception desk is the place that best reflects the company's image and strength. It shows a company's power and plays an essential role in interpersonal communication, business etiquette, image strategy, and many other aspects. It must be designed according to the site size, space and placement angle with the corporate culture and overall office design style.

  •  1. The reception counter does not have to be too long or too solemn to look like a trial desk. Instead, it should be designed to be slender and light. Just set up a four-person reception desk to dilute the "strong" reception lineup.
  •  2. The design should consider the grade of the office building and the characteristics of the customers who purchase the office building and set up a set of luxurious modular sofas. This does not refer to the luxury of materials, but the sofa equipment, for example, a set of (3+ 2) Combination sofa and coffee table, square table etc.
  •  3. It is recommended that the display board be suspended in the air, eliminating the sense of openness while decorating the atmosphere.
  •  5. Hanging double-sided display panels can be designed inside the glass windows, which can be viewed from inside and outside.
  •  6. The indoor pillars are all surrounded by golden cloth, which indicates "mature".