Every company will have a reception desk, whether large or small. The reception desk and the receptionist are the facades of the company. The first thing customers see when entering the company is the reception desk. Thus, A suitable reception desk can easily make customers feel relaxed and happy. , The first impression is improved, and the possibility of getting an order is higher. Therefore, purchasing personnel needs to purchase a reception desk.

The purchase of a reception desk needs to be carried out from the following four aspects:

Harmonize The Background

The reception desk's coordination and the indoor background: If your office environment has been renovated, you should consider the reception desk's color to coordinate with the office background when buying the reception desk as the main matching direction with light.

Generally speaking, if the office environment's background color is dark, it is unsuitable to choose a dark reception desk because it will feel more oppressive in a reservation with a strong color. It also absorbs light and forming a heavy and dark indoor atmosphere. 

Also, if the reception desk's color is too dark, it is easy to give tired visual effects. Therefore, under normal circumstances, it is more appropriate to choose harmonious colors. However, this statement is not suitable for everyone. Some people prefer to pursue the effect of strong contrast and visual stimulation.

salon reception desk

Unite The Floor 

If the office environment is wooden floor, it is easier to choose a reception desk. If it is tile, terrazzo or marble floor, it is not suitable to choose a steel-wood reception desk, which will increase the cold atmosphere in the room. You can choose a wooden reception desk to reconcile it, and add carpets in the interior to alleviate the cold and hard feeling.

office front desk

Balance The Interior Theme

Coordination of reception desk and interior design and decoration. The shape, color, function, texture and hardware of the reception desk can be coordinated with the interior design or lighting to form a coherent and complementary overall indoor space effect.

Match The Environment

The reception desk's size, quality, and function are coordinated with the office interior environment and match the overall office decoration with unique colors and shapes. If you have a wide space, it is easy to choose a larger reception desk, but it is not advisable to choose a large reception desk. Otherwise, it may make the space appear congested. Therefore, proper desk proportions are also very important. 

In addition, we shoud also be aware the reception desk's quality and function to get a suitable and practical front desk. 

white reception desk

Every company has a reception desk, which is the facade of the company. A suitable reception desk will give customers a relaxed and happy mood, which will also influence the business negotiation, so choosing a suitable reception desk is also very important.  When buying a reception desk, designers or office furniture salespeople should take measurements to understand the company's overall style and planning so that the purchased reception desk should be more suitable for the user.