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Arc-shaped reception desk & cash register with pleated surface for sale

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Unique reception desk & welcome counter & office table for sale

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Recently, we received much inquiry about the reception desk. The reception desk is very important for the company because it can receive visitors and can also be used as a guide to guide customers through business. Different occasions need different styles of reception desks, such as hospitable, office room, retail shop, restaurant, and hotel. Many people want a custom made reception desk to match their business. Today, I want to share a special reception counter with you.

Arc-shaped reception counter decoration

This is an arc-shaped reception counter with a reception desk. The main color is a sliver, looks very different and attractive. What I like most is the pleated surface treatment. It enhances the sense of science and technology, it seems simple, but it has special craftsmanship, it takes time and energy to achieve perfect results

The front has a white oval decoration from the inside out. This decoration covers the diagonal position, very conspicuous and special. It allows two-person working together at the middle table. Under the counter has drawers and keyboard cabinets on the right side. The display table is higher than the working table.

Layout decoration

A good reception desk design can not only improve the image of the company and its employees but also make the hosts and guests happy, which will surely win the company certain business opportunities.

  1. The reception desk does not have to be too long or too solemn. It should be designed to be slim and lightweight.
  2. The grade of the office building and the characteristics of the customer purchasing the office building should be considered when designing. It is best to place a set of luxurious modular sofas, such as sofas, coffee tables, and square tables.

Material introduction

Size: 2400mm*800mm*1050mm

Main material: MDF, thickness 15mm, E1 base substrate. The surface is easy to clean, has strong bending resistance, and is not easy to deform.

Surface material: Baking paint. Can make different colors, such as black, red, yellow, blue, etc. Please choose a color before order.

Metal accessories: locks, guide rails, door hinges, handles, casters are all made of metal accessories.

How to get to the reception desk?

We should first measure the reception area, reception desk matches that location. Then decide on a theme for the welcome counter, such as color, layout, style, etc. Next, show the welcome desk in a 3D design drawing, which can see the real looks directly. Finally, confirm it as the final design. And you can get the right reception desk when you want to make somewhere better, the designer can also help you. The first drawing needs about 3 days, but we recommend leaving a week or two to confirm the design.

How to use the reception table?

Produce the reception table follow on the design drawing. Since the craft is complex, it needs 18-20 days to finish. All the processes finish in our factory and will test it before delivery to you. We will also hidden wires for outlets used in your country. so you can use them directly when connecting the main switch to the shop power supply.

How to package the reception desk?

We should first use PE foam to protect the reception desk. Then covered well with plastic wrap, so it won’t be damaged during transportation. The outermost layer will be packed in wooden boxes, so you will also receive wooden boxes. Between the wooden box and the furniture, we will put foam and shockproof cotton to fill the gap. Will also take pictures for your confirmation before delivery.

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Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF, baking paint, etc.
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