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Are you looking for a good finish for your hotel or hospital? Do you want a model or retro style for the reception counter? We all know the reception desk of a company is one of the most important. So we must need to make it a good design. And it need to match your whole hotel or hospital style. For example, if the hotel style is high-end, then we have to make the reception counter good quality and luxury. But if for the hospital, because usually, the hospital is white and serious. So we cannot make it very colorful. We can customize a wonderful reception desk for you with your local style and all your requirements.

We can see from the design the front of the reception counter has some white color hexagon shape decoration. And a small area for books and magazines etc. Inside we have the drawers and cabinets for storage. This design of the reception counter is simple so it can use in the hospital also.


What is the material of the reception counter?

For the material of the reception desk, we have two materials for you to choose from. One basic material is plywood, another one is MDF. For the plywood, it is more strong and the surface finish is laminate. If we use MDF, the surface finish is baking paint. The price of these two materials has a little difference. For the wooden color, we can use a veneer to make it also good.


How to do the customize reception desk?

We can customize a new reception desk for you. You can tell us the size you want, also we can customize the color as you want. So first step we need to start the 3d design first. For the 3d design of the reception counter, we will charge a 300 USD design deposit. This design deposit of the reception counter will deduct from the total cost when you order.

We will send the customize 3d design to you within 2-3 working days after we receive the design deposit. Then we can discuss the design if need any changes. We can also add your logo to the reception desk if you want.


What is the package of the reception desk?

We will install the led strip light on the reception desk if you want. And all the wires and sockets, on the drawers and cabinets we will install the same with the key. We will take the photos and videos to you after the reception desk finished. After you check all good, we will start the package. We will clean the reception counter first before we do the packing. And then we will cover all the corners to protect them. Then we will use wrap films to pack all the reception desk. Finally, we will put the reception table in a strong wooden box.


How can the customer receive the reception counter?

After we finish the packing of the reception counter, we will arrange the shipping for you. Usually, we will ship the reception counter by sea. But if you need the reception table very urgent, we can also ship it by air. But if we ship it by air, it will be more expensive than by sea. You can choose it according to your need.

You can send us the nearest destination port from you, and then we will check the shipping price for you. After the reception table arrive to the port, you need to do the import clearance and pick up it from the destination port. If you don’t want to pick up it from the port, we can arrange the shipping to your door to door address.

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Color wooden
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF with baking paint
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