The office desk is where we work and study. When choosing an office desk or reception desk, except for its style, quality, and color, we must also consider whether it is suitable for the scope of our daily work and whether it meets the basic requirements of ergonomics. That is to say when designing the table. We should try our best to determine the table's size according to the below three aspects: the law of our activities, the size of each part of the human body, and the posture during use.

 1. The height of the office desk

 The table's height is one of the most basic dimensions, and it is also the basic condition to ensure that we can use the table comfortably. A table that is too high or too low will strain our back and shoulder muscles and cause fatigue.

 According to the normal height of our country, the height of the table is generally between 740~780 mm. Because of the active area of ​​the legs under the office desk, to adapt to the human body structure, increase the office desk's height by 280 mm from the height of the office chair. This height not only satisfies our long-term work needs but also adapts to the physiological characteristics of our body.

 2. Table width requirements

 The office desktop width refers to the horizontal dimension facing the horizontal direction of the office desktop. Generally speaking, the table's width depends on the width of our shoulders and the range of motion of our arms when sitting.

 According to investigations and studies, the lateral range of motion for sitting and standing is generally only 390 mm. Still, this size is not enough for the table's width. The office desk not only ensures our activity needs but also satisfies our needs for placing items.

 The table's width is too small will affect us to place items and effectively arrange work, while the width is too large will affect work efficiency. How wide is the width of the table?

 The more suitable width scale is: we are sitting in the middle of the office desk, and the left and right sides have the length of the wrist extension as the limit of the width of the table, so the more suitable office desk width scale is 1200~1800 mm, but because it is a modern office, we Most of the office chairs are equipped with wheels. The office chair slides back and forth. Our range of activities has widened, and the range of office desktop activities has also expanded. Therefore, in the market, the size of some executive office desks often exceeds 2000 mm. People feel high-end domineering.

 3. office desktop Depth Requirements

 The inappropriate depth of the table will cause a lot of inconveniences and affect the use. According to the national standard, the depth of the table is generally 600~750 mm.