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Arc-shaped reception desk & cash register with pleated surface for sale

UNIQUE New Custom Reception Desk

UNIQUE New Custom Reception Desk Modern Indoor Boat Shaped Front Reception Counter

White Reception Counter Office Table & Unique Front Desk to the USA

Unique curved shape reception desk office counter for sale

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The office decoration reception desk is the place that best reflects the company's image and strength. It not only shows the strength of the company but also plays an important role in interpersonal communication, business etiquette, image strategy, and many other aspects. It must be designed according to the size, space, and placement angle of the actual use place, corporate culture, and overall office design style.

reception counter

White office table welcome counter for sale

As we can see in the picture, this white reception desk size is 3600mm*800mm*1000mm. It’s a very common size for office desk. This reception desk has a working table in the middle and on the countertop can use to place more items. Besides, you can also show the company culture here. Floor light or table light makes the oval reception desk more outstanding.

Reception desk size:

The front desk can be divided into two types, the standing desk, and the sitting desk.

1. Standing front desk has a total height of the counter is generally about 1.2 meters. The width is about 0.8 meters, which is convenient for guests to write. The staff's workbench is generally 0.8-0.9 meters high and 0.6 meters wide, which is convenient for computer operation and writing.

2. Seated service counters should be parallel to the guests and employees, generally about 0.8 meters high, and the total width is about 1 meter. Keep the distance to the guest at about 1 meter

Material show

The paint display cabinet has good texture, smooth, delicate, and full. Usually, the skirting line will be made of high-quality stainless steel that is resistant to pollution, aging, and waterproof. The main material is an MDF wood cabinet. The wood board is specially treated to prevent insects and corrosion. The thickened board enhances the load-bearing capacity and shows its calm atmosphere. Stainless steel usually makes the kicking, other materials include sliding door, lock, etc.

How to manufacture the reception counter?

Firstly, we should first make the wood bodies. We should cut the wood panel according to the reception counter size. If you want to change the dimension and style of the front desk, please do it before production.

Secondly, make the surface treatment. Since this front desk is baking paint finish, We need to spray the primer first, wait for the primer to dry, and then the topcoat, this process needs to be repeated 4-5 times, and finally, it becomes the color we want. This step need about 7 days, so please be patient to get a perfect color

Thirdly, install light and drawers. Usually, the reception desk has a light for bright and decoration, we have to add wires and sockets in this step. Then assemble drawers with locks for better use. This step needs about 2 days.

Finally, get the reception desk and package. We can see it in real life. And clean the reception counter to package well for shipping.

How to make the reception desk design?

We should first choose a favorite layout to start. And tell the design all your needs making the reception counter different. Then, pay a design fee of 300usd, and the professional CAD design picture will give you within 3 days. The next step, check the design picture and make sure you like the design drawing. If you think anything has to change, the designer will help you modify it soon. Finally, you can get the ideal design same as you need. When you have to send the design to your partner, please leave more time to design, in case they have different new ideas.

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