Almost every company now has a front desk. This front desk is equivalent to a facade of the company. When a guest comes, the first thing that comes into view is the front desk. Choose the right reception desk can give customers Leave a good impression. If the front desk is sloppy and bad, you may feel uncomfortable after seeing the company after the guests come. There are many types of this kind of front desk, and different types may show that the company's style and characteristics are also very different. The office furniture editor will take you to understand the types of related knowledge of the office front desk:


 The first common type of office front desk is practicality, which is often used by many companies and enterprises, especially some start-up companies or small and medium-sized companies, which tend to pay more attention to the practicality of this front desk. It also pays great attention to its functions when buying or installing, and decorating. This front desk looks relatively simple and has various functions, but the overall feeling is relatively ordinary, but it is also remarkable in ordinary. On the one hand, because its practicality is very good, it can be very worry-free to use, and the cost of production, installation, and maintenance of this practical front desk itself is very low. Hence, as a small and medium-sized enterprise or start-up enterprise, It is cost-effective to use.

practical office reception desk.jpg

Appealing Design

 The second important type of the office front desk is the front desk with good looks. This kind of front desk is mainly positioned for high face value during production. Therefore, the design's aesthetics is very important when designing: the color is reasonable, The novelty of collocation, and style. Generally, this kind of front desk is mainly used in companies that produce feminine products, or companies with more female customers will like to use this kind of front desk.

modern design office front desk.jpg


 The third important type of office front desk is style. But its characteristic is that it looks high-end and high-end. For example, in a hotel, you can see the front desk when you go to the hotel. The front desk is very generous and stylish, full of international style. It is generally used in high-end places—many or more users in international business negotiations and business investment.

stylish office reception counter


 The fourth type of office front desk is pure genre. For example, it can be designed in Chinese style, American style, European classical style, etc. This front desk is commonly used in design companies. Use this kind of front desk to highlight the design company's design taste.


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